Camerizer is a simple Python program for converting images into a JPEG format that can be viewed with some Digital (Still) Cameras. Camerizer is Free Software released under GNU General Public License v2

NOTE: The latest version of Camerizer was released in 2006, and there probably won't be new versions coming anymore. The program reached the state where it did what I wanted it to do, and I no longer had the need to improve it. There may still be some bugs, and the program hasn't been tested on the latest versions of Python/PIL/Qt/PyQt, so use it with caution.

For those interested: Camerizer was built around the find that when an image is saved in JPEG format with Python Imaging Library, it becomes viewable on some digital cameras. What's so special in the way Python Imaging Library produces JPEGs, then? I actually still don't know. It worked for my camera so I thought I'd try to build a GUI around it in order to easily convert images.




(?) Python (Developed with Python 2.4.3)
(?) Python Imaging Library (Developed with PIL 1.1.5)
(?) Qt (Developed with Qt 4.1.4)
(?) PyQt (Developed with PyQt 4.0.1)

Note: Camerizer has been tested so far on Linux and Windows, but it should work on Mac OS X too. Just remember to get the Open Source versions of Qt4 and PyQt4.

On Ubuntu Edgy the requirements can be installed with the following command:
sudo apt-get install python python-imaging python-qt4

On Windows the requirements should be installed in the order they are listed above


Images converted with Camerizer are known to work with the following Digital Cameras:

If Camerizer works with your camera, send me a mail with the make/model and I'll add it in the list.


Camerizer 0.006 (PyQt4) (2006-10-12)


email: dace[-at-]