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Dancing with a Turtle (.mp3, 1,6Mt) Comp. & words in Finnish by: E. Veijalainen, in English by: Juha Kaarsalo, arr. by: J.P. Kalliola and Hannu Takala (Words)

Photo by: E. Veijalainen - Tampere-Helsinki motorway near Lempaala in Finland 30. December 2001 1:48 PM

Along Schoolway To Sustainable Development

If you are looking only for swinging sweet-pages and fireworks in Internet, go on and forget this. - If wondering of sky or the teaching of imagination, thinking skills, natural phenomenons or environmental technology belong to your hobbies, please wait - this may be just for you!

This is a tale from the Dawn of Finnish Computer Aided Learning, an Artistic Document tasting like basic-research, in the shape of Web-Performance - for which I am very much obliged to William Horton Consulting - and it tells about a many-sided Learning Experimentation, which was made possible, in spite of unusual laziness and stubbornish of this kind of school-experimenter, a Finnish official-teacher, by my lovely Wife, jolly good Teacher-Fellows, studious Pupils, helpful Parents, great Friends of mine, wise Co-Operative Teams like ISTE (International Society for Technology in Education), The Finnish Minister of Education, The National Board of General Education and its heir The National Board of Education, Foundation for Finnish Inventions, The Provincial Government of Turku and Pori and The Developer Municipality of Poytya in South-West of Finland - but in my opinion still most of all by Right Worths, especially my Fathers and Mothers guides: what is right and what is wrong, Right Growing Base, Right Computers and Right Educational Software, which I succeeded to get with magic wand, presented by my three loveable Great-Aunts. - So, if you are interested in this kind of "Mouldy Museum", please, join us, ask more about it, take it up for discussion or order something, whatever you want.


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