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Cooler blanket

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-terry fabric 60cm (24 inches), or an old towel
-some finishing strip, at least 3 cm wide (over 1.2" in inches)
-velcro (for example 2cm / ~1" wide)
Click for the pattern:

The cooler can be used when you have be on too warm place, for example you wait your turn in agility competition and it's a very sunny day. Soak the cooler in water, and the evaporation keeps the dog cool.
We can use the same pattern as in quick coat.
Cut the fabric. The collar (part 'B') does not look good in this use, so you can leave it away. Sew the finishing strip all the way around the edges.
Try the cooler blanket on the dog and choose suitable places for velcro on the front (about place C) Choose a spot for stomach band also (about place A)
Sew in the front velcro, if you do not want to use there velcro at all, sew pieces together. Just be sure that dog's head can fit through. Sew stomach band in place from one side, sew also some velcro to it's free end.
Try the cooler again, now it's easy to spot the place for velcro so that the stomach band works. Sew it in place and the cooler is finished!
The cooler blanket should look something like this (we used old towel for fabric):

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