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Rain coat

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-waterproof fabric
-coat zipper 55cm (22 inches)
Click for a pattern:

Cut pieces. You need 2 main pieces (I), 1 stomach piece (II), 2 front legs (III) and 2 hind legs (IV). For the leg pieces, first bend the fabric and place pieces as shown in the pattern. These legs are knee-high, if you are making a "dirt suit", make leg pieces a bit longer. For dirt suit, you also need to attach some velcro or rubber band at the lower edge of them. This model is for a bitch, for male dog you may need to make a shorter stomach piece (cut some fabric off near "A").
Start by sewing stomach piece to one of the main pieces. Attach it so that A1 and A2 are next to each other, also B1 - B2, supisingly C1 - C2 and finally D1 - D2. Sew the other main piece to tomach piece the same way.
Sew the zipper between E and F. The coat is easier to use if zipper is closed from back to neck ( F --> E). The coat is left open behind point "F". Sew all leg pieces to pipes. Sew them to coat so that the seam is located at the inside of each leg. If you are making a dirt suit, sew a piece of velcro at the lower edge of each leg, or make a tunnel for a rubber band.
Noppa's rain coat is bought and has a bit different pattern (and even from that bought jacket we had to cut the legs a bit shorter). From the picture you can at least see the lenght of the legs, even the coat is not similar in other areas:
If you make a coat using these instructions, we would be very pleased to receive a picture with the dog wearing the coat. We would be able to change this picture to show correct model.
The coat is put on by first putting hind legs into their place, then closing the zipper a little. Then the front legs are put on and finally the zipper is closed completely.

-For informational purposes only-