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Warm winter coat

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-waterproof fabric
-warm lining fabric, for example fleece or artificial fur (You can also use your own old winter coat, like we did. One xl size jacket was enough.)
-velcro (about 2cm /~1 inch wide)
-small piece of fabric rubber band

In the example coat there is a fur decoration at the tail side of the coat, its location is marked with cut-line in the pattern. It is not mandatory, but if you make it, it is good idea to make waterproof fabric as long as the coat is. Now the coat becomes wind and waterproof all the way. The heavier fabric in the tail side also pushes the coat nicely to the back of the dog.
Bend the waterproof fabric in half and put the bend in place marked in the pattern. Cut the main piece. Make one stomach piece also. Do not cut the collar (E) yet! Cut one main and one stomach piece from the lining fabric also.
Open bent pieces. Sew lining and waterproof fabric together from wrong side, but leave the collar area open. Turn inside out, so the seams are hidden nicely. Do the same to stomach piece.
Sew stomach piece to main piece, so that A1 and A2 are against each other, and so are B1 and B2. Do the same to other edge.
Measure the correct lenght for the collar and cut it. Sew the collar to coat so that H1 and H2 are against each other. Leave small hole at H2 open, this is for leash, so that leash won't wrinkle the collar. Unless you made the collar way too big, don't sew the ends of the collar together (pic). This makes it easier for the dog to sniff the ground, so maybe the dog will not hate the coat so much:)
Fit the coat to your dog and choose the lenght of velcro. Sew velcro to spots F and G (pic).
Sew the rubber band between C and D, one piece for each side, these are leg loops. These help the coat to stay in place when used. And that's it!
Final product should look like this:

You can also use your own old winter coat as a fabric. Then there is more work to finish the edges, but otherwise the coat is made faster (like we did, the coat was a Nokia promo jacket. One xl size jacket was enough.).
If you consider fleece as a lining fabric, note that it gathers static electricity easily. Therefore it collects lots of hair.

-For informational purposes only-