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Wool shirt

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-stretching wool fabric 60cm (24 inches)
-coat zipper 50cm (20 inches)
Click for pattern:

Cut pieces. You need 2 main pieces and one front piece (A). This model is for a bitch, for a male dog, you may need to cut some fabric off at the underside, near the hind legs:) If the fabric streches, it should stretch in up-down direction rather than forward-backward. .
Pin main pieces together from D to E. Try it on the dog, be sure that pieces go around the dog when you include the zipper. Sew pieces together from D to E. If there is too much fabric, the shirt can easily be made smaller by sewing another line a bit above the first one, then cutting off excess fabric.
Sew the zipper between B-C, make sure the zipper closes from B towards C. This makes the shirt easier to put on.
Sew one end of the front piece, somewhere around spot A in drawing. Try the shirt on the dog, and check the correct lenght of front piece. Take off shirt and sew the last end of front piece.
If you want to make even better shirt, cut a small,zipper lenght piece of fabric. Sew it from one side besides the zipper. When you close the shirt, it is located under the zipper, insulating cold at the zipper area also.
The final product should look like this:

Shirt is easy to put on by putting dog's legs through the hole in front and then closing the zipper.

-For informational purposes only-