Cube is… cube
August 2003
The Fifth International Conference on Environmental Aesthetics
Lepaa, Hattula, Finland

On summer 2003 I was asked to make environmental installation during Aesthetics of Agriculture conference in Lepaa. Cube –works are documentations as well as independent works of art.

Cube as environmental art:
In the middle of wheat field there is green cube, made of scaffoldings and covered with green plastic wind net. Seize of the cube is 6m x 6m x 6m. Inside of the semitransparent building there is 3m x 3m area of wheat. It is surrounded by platform for viewers at the same level. Cube is also illuminated at night.

Cube as photographs and video:
Cube photographs are as subject matter as well as technically close to my Restoration pictures (2000). Instead of restoration process cube pictures have thematical references to science and laboratory practices.
DVD-video shows whole building process in fast rewind in 15 minutes. A strange building appears on the field and finally disappears.


Cube project is produced by Maaseudun sivistysliitto

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