The skin of the earth xx

8.12. – 23.12. 1994
Helsinki Art Museum, Kluuvi gallery

Cultural Landscape

In my vision countryside is a thousand-year old remnant of the battle and co-operation between man and nature. Man shapes the land with mechanic devises to serve his own purposes and aims to create an order based on his utilitarian tendencies. Only gradually does nature, in all its diversity repossess the temporary order governed by man.

The project concentrates on the marks of culture on the ground. Cultural marks, imprinted on land by man, manifest themselves in numerous ways. Man leaves behind him various objects and articles, waste matter, constructions and cultivated plants run wild, or he initiates less desirable processes such as erosion pollution and land drainage.


My pictures are like photographic maps taken from chosen spots in different countryside landscapes. They are on the scale of 1:1, and thus, direct samples or proofs of earth surface and its wonders. In order to mark the presence of the observing man, each picture contain a visible staff, a culturally standardised measuring stick, indicating the scale.

– Sizes of works are 140cm x 700cm – 140cm x 12000cm
– Composed of colorprints stretched with wires in metal frames

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