–––––––Fictional Archaeology

Cabel Factory, Valssaamo Helsinki
15.1. –1.2. 1998


I consider surface of the earth and the ground as a thousand-year old remnant of the battle and co-operation between man and nature. The surface of the earth is present-day materialised, and when excavating into the ground, the deeper you penetrate the older cultural layers becomes visible. The ground of the earth is an archive where each present-day is stored as a cultural layer.

The very idea of surgically exact excavation fascinates me, and at the same time it feels violent and disturbing. Geometrical hole emerge on the ground and subterranean layers will be exposed. Old bones, objects, carved stones will be found, and each of them have their own history and destiny. Archeological excavation is at the same time knowledge restoring and destroying event. There is no possibility for renewals. All the information wanted must be collected at once.

Objects found in the ditch are quite anonymous and mute and so together with excavation sites the they offer a starting point for interpretations and stories.


I intrude underneath the surface of the earth (present day) and expose older layers and strange objects. Archeological excavation site and museological documentation process is the theme of my work. Matter transforms into knowledge and theories. Science and Art , fiction and everyday life shake hands. The picture of man as a geometrically behaving fallible animal is begining to take shape.

Excavation sites are fictious and objects found ( rocks, tiles, human and dinosaurs bones ) are in fact less important than excavation site with tools waste materials and signs of mans presence.

The project focuses at archeological excavations as knowledge collecting event. Fragment from natural history, human culture and geological history will be uncovered from the layers of soil.


Works of the exhibition consist of two different type of photographs.

1. Site photographs where findings are brought in connection with surroundings and present day world.

2. Documentation and reconstruction of objects. Objects become single abstract pieces of knowledge and isoleted from their connection. Photographs are In scale 1:1

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