Nature under restoration –––

1.6. – 22.6. 2000
Photography Gallery Hippolyte, Helsinki

    As everybody knows, the nature has gone into bad shape.It must be renovated!

    Ilkka Halso has moved his activities into construction business and has accepted the challenge.

My project approaches the restauration of nature in the means of technology and science. I show Ironic visions of mans relation to nature and his confidence in technology in solving problems caused by his own activities

I build fictive restauration sites. Scaffoldings are covering objects of nature instead of houses and man-made objects. Trees, boulders, rock faces and fields are under repair.

Scaffoldings in the landscape: Modular “toybricks” come up from chaotic order of nature. A new geometrical space conquers landscape.

I seek consciously monumental approach to my subjects. Scaffoldings and artificial lightning settings highlight and frame nature objects and detach them from everyday life context. The object of nature and construction site that surrounds it form together a colossal installation.

Take a peak to working site

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