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Welcome to Historismi.Net ! A Site dedicated to Genealogy and Local History.
On this page you'll find links to the Families of  Historismi.Net. We'll go through the Families looking at photos, maps, biografies. Not all material is in English.

09.02.2005  Causes of Death »  Causes of death that occur in old Finnish Church Books
23.11.2016  Abbreviations and Terms »  Abbreviations in old Finnish Church Books and other Records
09.02.2005  Occupations »  Old occupation names in old records
09.02.2005  Calendar »  What you need to know about Finnish Calendar (Finnish only at the moment)
09.02.2005  Old Saint Calendar »  Old Finnish Saint Calendar and day tradition (English is coming soon)
09.02.2005  Money and Measures »  Old Finnish monetary units, weights etc.
09.02.2005  Value of Finnish currency 1860 - 2004 »  Conversion
09.02.2005  Names »  Old christian names
"We genealogists are the storytellers of our tribe. All tribes have one. We have
been called as it were by our genes. Those who have gone before cry out to us: 'Tell our story'. So, we do. In finding them, we somehow find ourselves."
09.02.2005  Photos »  Old photos
09.02.2005  Family name list »  Family Tree name list
09.02.2005  Person list »  Persons in the Family Tree
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Klikkaa tästäFinnish home


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