Magnetic Loop 1.8MHz...7MHz OH7SV 2013-06-03

Vacuum capacitor 500pF/10kV and tuning motor

Feeding point and gamma match spacing 50mm

Coax thru mast and plastic bottle as top rain cover
Horizontal 30mm Excel System fiberglass support

Horizontal support end fixing to copper tube

HD Fiberglass mast from DX-wire. Three guy ropes

Telescope traction with stainless steel clamps

Magnetic loop ready for erect

Loop length 13m, diameter 4.1m. Copper D=15mm

Telescopic HD fiberglass mast height 6m

Common mode RF choke in DC motor cable

Gamma match length abt 1m, Copper D=6mm
Hole for coaxial cable at bottom of the mast

Coax cable path via plastic bottle to feeding point

Polycarbonate water protection over capacitor

Summer QTH in May 2013 with good signal