Magnetic loop made of copper tube coaxial cable    2013-06-25 OH7SV

This magnetic loop can be easily disassembled and carried in a car by coiling the loop to a 1 meter diameter.

Copper tube coaxial cable thickness 1/2 inch, length 8.2 m.
Measured tuning range 1.7 MHz...12MHz with a 15pF...1000pF capacitor.

Loop installed in the summer cottage garden. Loop diameter 2.6 m.

Copper tube coax connections.
Inner conductor soldered to shield.

Detail view of solid copper connections.
Copper coax can be easily

0.75mm polycarbonate plate for water protection and tuning knob outside of it.

Detail view of right hand connection.
All screws are stainless steel.

Capacitor support made of 8 mm polycarbonate plate. U-bolts to mast.

Feeding cable thru the fiberglass mast to a BNC connector in the Al-plate.

Gamma match feeding point at abt 0.6m distance from the loop center.

Gamma match copper tube supported and insulated with pieces of polycarbonate.
6 mm copper tube connection to the loop. The real part of impedance can be tuned.
Bottom view of the feeding cable. The hole is big enough for a BNC connector.

Water protection in action. The vacuum capacitor is dry after rain.