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This page owes a lot to legendary Callista's bard page (which was basically a copypaste from Melkpak's bard page).
So I decided to keep the tradition up and copypaste it here.
I've added some civilized guesses and gathered thoughts tho. (Yes, I whined for infos.)
Special thanks to Judas, Biron, Buppa, Aune, Linkless, Noose, Kart and Jumpman for their support.

General info

Personal masteries

Titles: There are 40 bard titles and they go like this:
(Congratulations to Judas for maxing bards first.)



Steps and ministeps start acting funny at well travelled bard title.
For example genus irritabile vatum begins straight from somewhat near step.
A cornetist has to advance nowhere near 3 times before it changes and well travelled bard starts at "far"-step.

Instrument masteries

Instrument mastery (from best to worst):

Affinity (from best to worst):

Itune (from best to worst):

About instruments:
  • How to gain affinity quickest: study surgeon's chant and cast it, drop it, cast it etc...
  • Glow doesn't affect boosts.
    Instrument info
    Instrument Additional info
    A masterfully crafted golden hornAbsolutely amazing bonus to bard songs. Probably the most desired instrument in game.
    Demon's Lyre Awesome bonus to bard songs and a small bonus to number of songs a bard can sing.
    The Serpent of Grimoan A great bonus to bard songs and a small bonus to number of songs a bard can sing. Once the glow fades from this writhing Serpent, she shall sing no more.
    A beautiful wooden violin A great bonus to bard songs. It has a +spr-special. (drains sp from monsters to wielder in combat)
    highland bagpipes A decent bonus to bard songs and a great bonus to the number of songs a bard can sing. Easy to get.
    a silver flute A decent bonus to bard songs and a small bonus to number of songs a bard can sing. Very easy to get.
    Ben's lute A nice bonus to bard songs. +spr unnoticably, a decent bonus to tonal control, a great bonus to pitch control. Easy to get.
    A simple wooden harp A nice bonus to bard songs. Gettable from guild shop.
    A small brass accordian A small bonus to bard songs and a great bonus to the number of songs a bard can sing. Gettable from guild shop.
    A massive wooden cello Absolutely amazing bonus to bard songs and a horrendous bonus to number of songs a bard can sing. Gettable from guild shop.


Boost messages (best to worst, theres some even worse but can't get 'em...):

  • divinely
  • monstrously
  • huge amount
  • amazingly
  • incredibly
  • a lot
  • by quite a bit
  • by a decent bit
  • noticably

Debuff messages (worst to not-so bad, unsure about these.)

  • agonizingly
  • monstrously
  • a huge amount
  • shockingly
  • horribly

What do the spells do?

  • Stats:
    • apollo's adagio = int
    • aria of the eagles = dex
    • bario's bawdy ballad = cha
    • berserker's bravura = str
    • symphony of solomon = wis
    • vigorous concerto = con
  • Heals:
    • surgeon's chant = +10 heal
    • song of mending = +20 heal
    • psalm of healing = +32 heal
  • Debuffs:
    • dirge of despair = -str, -con, -hp regen
    • impart knowledge = +crit and +language against one race for a short period of time (depends on language knowledge) costs 600-1800, tank only.
    • leomund's lament = -dex, -hpmax
    • lyrics of sorrow = area heavy weight
    • malach's mourning = -wis, -int, -spr
    • song of celerity = +extra attacks
  • Misc:
    • cabalist's saga = see magic
    • cantana of shadow = darkness
    • chant of fortitude = +ac
    • chant of the beast = +extra meleehits
    • chorus of serenity = werewolf muzzle (prevents random PVP attacking caused by the old werecurse)
    • claris' melody of mana = +spr
    • lullaby of life = +hpr
    • score of the steadfast = bravery
    • sonata of sorcery = +spmax
    • tale of perception = see invis
    • torchbearer's march = light
    • uplifting melody = flight
    • visualize act = Usage: cast visualize act at skill/spell. Visu adds % to selected skill/spell for everyone in the room. Bard's own % on selected skill/spell affects the amount of boost. You can also visu skills/spells you don't know. Bard himself gets the full boost and other ppl get about 50% boost.



  • The most important bard sub since here are the important skills.
  • Enlarge weapon
  • Reduce weapon
  • Wild goose
  • Enlarges, reduces and gooses are a good way of gaining money.
  • Wild goose is a good thingie for exp and a must for eq. feather weight and spell% affect it so be sure to visu 'em before casting.


  • Guises:
    • angel +negotiate, +cha
    • flayer +quick chant, +int
    • halfling +dex, +sneak
    • ogre +attack, +weapon skill 1h dagger (sword?),+ weapon skill 2h dagger, +str
    • paladin +wis
    • skeleton -magres, +fireres, +physres, +poisonres, +psires, +coldres
    • titan +con
  • Pigeons:
    • construct roost
    • charm pigeon
    • acid preference: beaks of acid
    • asphyxiation preference: pigeon trick
    • poison preference: poisonous pigeons
  • With charm pigeon spell you gather your flock. Search pigeons from Zombieworld and charm 'em.
  • You don't need to construct a roost where you keep your pigeons, but it surely helps having 'em. It can hold up to 9 pigeons.
  • Pigeons are 100% poison preference when you get 'em and with poisonous pigeons. Other prefs arent 100% and you get poison damage every now and then. Even with visu.
  • The secret syntax for getting your pigeons to the roost after charming is: roost send pigeon
  • When not in roost pigeons steal money from innocent bypassers.
  • If a bard's pigeon gets killed (by that penniless bypasser) the bard gets a HURT message and some damage.
  • It might be a good idea to construct your roost in your castle room instead of outworld location because it can be destroyed and all the pigeons inside get killed. (HURTS and possible death)
  • Pigeons can carry items from ground to roost when told so. But they sometimes drop what they are carrying. So best not to let 'em carry anything too expensive.


  • Juggling:
    • toss
    • juggling axe
    • juggling ball
    • juggling dagger
    • juggling torch
  • Animus
  • Enchant weapon
  • A juggling bard can sometimes avoid areaspells.
  • Every item has some special when tossed balls stun, torches can light the enemy up etc...
  • Enchant weapon is a good way to gain some cash.
  • Animus is a nice sidekick for a bard, mastery, cha and int affect how powerful it will be. (I've heard thrikhren bards tsnapping before casting animate weapon for max int, some people swear in the name of the angel guise for wis... Go figure!)
  • A casting animus has to be 5hitter, but every 5hitter animus doesnt cast.
  • The weapon that you make your animus should be reasonably good if you want it to cast.
  • Be sure to visu enchant weapon and enchant the weapon that becomes your animus.
  • Visuing animate weapon doesnt affect basically at all.


  • This is the eq-sub, here you get debuffs
  • Troubadours are useful in eq-campaigns since they have ways to weaken the enemy.
  • Debuffs drop when bard moves.
  • Leomund's lament, dirge of despair and malach's mourning are good when doing eq, song of celerity in expparties. The rest are more or less useless.
  • song of celerity is cheapo (250sp), the rest are between 700 and 900sps to cast.

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