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The history of kennel


Getting known to kennel Jii-Teen                    

Saint Bernards

My first Saint Bernard dogs were FIN CH Bontus, Kivipolun Niilo and FIN CH Isontassun Lilliputti (on the picture).
Kennel Jii-Teen was established in 1987. Kennel is located in southern Finland. I have made only few litters because the most important thing with my dogs is health and it is hard to get a big and healthy dog for the breeding program. What's also important to me is to find good homes to my puppies. Homes where everyone truly loves Saint Bernards.
The first litter was born in 1991. Mother was Pentus Issoirre Morette (HD B-D) from Sweden and Father was FIN CH Helsinki winner-92 Artax von Schümmerich (HD B) from Germany. There were seven puppies and that's how the breeding in my kennel began. Two of the males were certicated in shows: Jii-Teen Apollo (HD D) and Jii-Teen Arnold (HD D).

Next litter was born in 1994. The female was FIN&LV CH Jii-Teen Amore (HD A), daughter of Artax, and the male was FIN&EST&S CH Helsinki winner-94 Astor Holzfluh (HD A) from Switzerland. From that litter Jii-Teen Bastorska went to Cyprus and Jii-Teen Betolux (HD B/0) become Finnish champion. Jii-Teen Bastori Bontus (HD D) got one certification.

In 1994 C-litter of Jii-Teen was born to Pentus Issoirre Morette. The male was Mat-Saint Frank Higginson (HD A) (half brother to Artax). There were born only two puppies: Jii-Teen Cerubi (HD A-B) and Jii-Teen Cupido (HD A). Cerubi was a great film star, like her great grandmother INT&NORD CH W-85-86-88 NORDW-86 Skogstjärn's Arima-Atic was and the girl Jii-Teen Cupido (Donna) became INT CH FIN&EST&S CH WORLD WINNER 1998 (the first shorthaired saint bernard which is born in Finland) HELSINKI WINNER 1999-2000 and BALTIC WINNER 2000.

In 1995 Morette got her last litter. I wanted to use Mat-Saint Frank Higginson again. There were 8 puppies, 6 males and 2 females, all shorthaired. One of the males went to Estonia to kennel Axberna, owned by Katrin and Ülo Rähn. This dog Jii-Teen Delta Kasi Kasi became EST V CH LV CH and ESTONIAN WINNER 98.

From this litter the following dogs have got certifications: Jii-Teen Dolce Vita (HD C) became Finnish champion, Jii-Teen Donna de Lux and Jii-Teen Dollari got certications twice and Jii-Teen Donatello got one certification.

In 1995 Amore got the second litter with the male Jii-Teen Cerubi. There was only five puppies and I left my home two of them: FIN CH Jii-Teen Ellinoora (HD A/2), which now lives with Hanna Ström and which was Best shorthaired Saint in our Club Show in 2001. INT CH FIN&EST&RUS CH Jii-Teen Elite (HD B-C) was Best of Opposite in our Club Show in 1997, when he was only 17 months old.

In 1998 I had two litters. The mother in my H-litter was FIN CH Jii-Teen Ellinoora and the male was FIN&EST CH Pit von Merlotreu (HD A/0) from Switzerland. FIN CH Jii-Teen Hermanni (longhaired, HD B/2) lives now with my friends Arja and Esko Tervakorpi (kennel Tervaleijonan). Jii-Teen Herra Huu (shorthaired, HD A/2) has got one certification.

Jii-Teen Cupido and Nadax du St Grand Bernard (HD B) got 10 puppies. Jii-Teen Goldenpatrick went to Estonia to Katrin and Ülo and it has several puppies there. This dog was Best of Breed in their special club show in 2000. Jii-Teen Goldenblack (HD A/0), Jii-Teen Goldenfigur (HD A/0) and Jii-Teen Goldensun (HD D) have got certifications.

In May 2002 I got a Saint Bernard from Estonia: EE JUN CH EE&FI CH Axberna Ozzy Osborne  (A/0). Ossi is a grandson to Jii-Teen Delta Kasi Kasi. In the beginning of the next year I bought NORD V-05 Bijou v. d. Burggravehoeve (D/0) from Belgium.

The newcomers of my kennel were in September 2004 Pocahontas van de Elizieeshof "Poca" ja Precious van de Elizieeshof "Pertti". Poca and Pertti are sister and brother. They were born on 28th of July in 2004 in the Netherlands. Their father is Ulli von Wingert and mother Jermey van de Elizieeshof.

In February 2006 saw the J-litter of Jii-Teen the daylight - 5 males and 2 females. WUSB JUN SG-07 Jii-Teen Jippyy and Juippi stayed at home. Jii-Teen Juliaana lives with Jii-Teen Ellinooran and Hanna Ström. Jii-Teen Jasmina went to Belgium to kennel van de Burggravehoeve.

In August 2006 FI&LT CH Farao v. d. Burggravehoeve came to our kennel. This boy is co-owned with kennel Ramsan and Maaret Tapio.

In summer of 2007 I got shorthaired female puppy from vom Hellenstein kennel (German). I hope that some day I could make with C.I.B. FI&NO&LT CH Orhidee von Hellenstein and my males something good for this breed. In pictures there is Orhidee 4,5 months old. The first show is behind and the place was The Best Opposite of the BABY in The Special Show of Estonian Saint Bernard Club. Orhidee is handling by Sari Koskela.

In 2008 C.I.B. FI&EE&LT CH Hera v. d. Burggravehoeve came to our house. Her mother is Jii-Teen Jasmina who lives in kennel van de Burggravehoeve and her father is Kenmillix Esteban from England.

In 2009 we have only one litter Jii-Teen R-litter (Jii-Teen Juliaana, shorthaired HD A ED 0 and Asterix, shorthaired HD C ED 0). Jii-Teen Riitu did stay in kennel.

In 2010 we have got two new Saints Axberna Kreeta and JT Maya v.d.Burggravehoeve (in the picture). In future we will have new litters but first we must wait until the new girls are older.

In 2011 I did got two new members from kennel Barrygårdin (B.Catinka and B.Cassu HD A/A ED 0/1) after FI CH Barrygårdin Bianca (shorthaired HD A/A ED 0/0) and FI&LT CH Farao v.d.Burggravehoeve  (shorthaired HD D/C ED 0/0).

2013 our kennel got 2 litter - YS litter after Jii-Teen Rinsessa and C.I.B. FI&LT CH BALT JUN CH Barrygårdin Cassu and XO litter after JTmaya v d Burggravehoeve and FI CH Axberna Hieronimo. Also we got new imports from Norway kennel Mammutz Love (Mammutz Love Fenix&Giant Gemstone) and from Estonia kennel Axberna (Axberna Raimond)

I have shown nine times the breeding group:

1995 Best in Show Breeder in WUSB Show in Finland
1998 Best group of Breed World Winner Show in Finland
1999 Best in Show Breeder 3 in Nurmijärvi
1999 Best group of Breed in Tuusula
2000 Best in Show Breeder in Tarto Estonia
2007 Best in Show Breeder in The Special Show of Finnish Saint Bernard Club
2008 Breeder HP/2 in The Special Show of Finnish Saint Bernard Club
2010 Breeder 2 in The Special Show of Finnish Saint Bernard Club
2012 Best in Show Breeder 2 in The Special Show of Finnish Saint Bernard Club
2013 Best in Show 1 in The Special Show of Estonian Saint Bernard Club

2014 Riihimäki 1

2014 Breeder HP/2 in The Special Show of Finnish Saint Bernard Club

One time I have shown the breeding group from Pentus Issoirre Morette and it was Best in Show 1999 in Nurmijärvi.

Jack Russell Terrier

In 2001 I got my first Jack Russell Terrier Leijonamielen Rumppi Tuhmuri. It has got three litters; two with Korppiniemen Morris and one with RUS MVA Akim di Moncalvo. Jii-Teen Lissun Pimu is co-owned with Family Koivula. Jii-Teen Mussolini from the last litter stayed at home. Our newest litter is after Jii-Teen Lissun Pimu and Vitsuddens Molle.

In 2009 I did got our Snapjacks Catherine of Aragon (Tytti). She will be the first truly english jack russell at my kennel.

In 2011 I did got one russel more. Our Snapjacks Miss Pope after S.Catherine of Aragon. The father of this beautiful little girl is Coca Cola -Jr von Liechtenstein.

In 2013 Jii-Teen Sihu and Jii-Teen Sooleawa did stay at home. Their parents are Snapjacks Catherine of Aragon and Jackobean Leccinum Versipelle.

Anne Haapakoski
Vangonojantie 306
12310 Ryttylä
+358 400 728 717

The Honour member of The Saint Bernard Club of Finland

The member of The Saint Bernard Club of German

The member of The Saint Bernard Club of Belgium

The member of The Saint Bernard Club of Estonia

The member of The Jack Russell's Terrier Club of Finland

The member of The Swiss Mountain & Cattle Dog Club of Finland

The member of The Kennel Club of Finland

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