The purpose of Petri Honkanen foundation, in addition to award grants, is to increase the financial assets of the Foundation during the time. Petri Honkanen foundation target is to collect donations from other foundations, companies and private persons. All sizes of donations are wellcome, even small donations are appreciated grate.

The collection of funds is based on voluntary work of persons of the Foundation. Petri Honkanen foundation do not organize expensive fund collection campaigns, it uses the connections and networks of its actors.

Petri Honkanen foundation has the rigt to receive donation based on the testament and last will.

If you are interested to make a donation to Petri Honkanen foundation, please make your donation directly to : Petri Honkasen säätiö

Account: FI0666010001097989

Alandsbanken SWIFT/BiC: AABAFI

You can make your donation with three alternative ways:

1) The donated sum will be placed on financial market into low risk stocks, real estate funds and bonds. The return of the these investments will be awarded as grants to the brain aneurysm research. By doing this way your donation will live long as equity and yearly generate funds to be awarded to the research
2) The donated sum will be awarded directly as grants to a research project recommended by Petri Honkanen foundation medical advisor board members. This way you can immediately see in which aneurysm research project your donation will be used..
3) You can split your donation between alternatives 1) and 2)

Petri Honkanen foundation medical advisor board members will allways be involved in the decision making by recommending on which research project and which researher will get the grant. Please see the medical advisor board members names and profiles in section Foundation -> Administration of this web page.

If you would like to discuss about your donation before the fund transaction, please contact in:

- medical issues Aki Laakso or Juha.E.Jääskeläinen
- general donating and will issues Jukka Honkanen or Emil Viitala

The contact info of these persons you can find in the Contact section of this web page

Petri Honkanen foundation also can receive donations in form of medical equipment like f ex imageneering and analytical equipment as well as materials and all kind of services like logisticts, travel, accomondation and meeting services. All this kind of donations will be forwarded further as they are directly to its purpose and project.