petri honkanen

Petri Jonathan Honkanen was born in Espoo in Finland in 20.1.1987. In his early childhood Petri and his family moved to Denmark and then to Norway and later on to Sweden. This made the base to him to learn other languages and understand other culture.

After the Ressu highschool studies in Helsinki in 2005 he started his medical studies Helsinki University, performing very well: he was the the centre point among his fellow students helping all them in their study related questions, taking part in many university related free time activities. Petri Honkanen was elected to keep the medical students' final speech in the graduation ceremony.

Despite his young age, Petri had a strong professional identity. In all his working activities he was following the basic values of a medical doctor: respect of life, humanity – listen the patient, ethicalness, high professional ability and collegial values. This made him easily to approach and special medical doctor and researcher among the patients and collegues. Petri passed away in a skiing accident in Northern Italy on 4.3.2013 while he was carrying out his favorite passions: skiing and phographing.


  • 4.11.2014 Serge Marbacher's doctoral thesis published in Stroke magazine. Petri was one of the writers. Read link.

  • 21.5.2014 Petri Honkasen's first part of doctoral thesis, where Petri was the firs writer was published in Surgical Neurology Intenational magazine. Read link Honkanen et al from Finland found that iron accumulates in the walls of resected aneurysms removed at surgery. Luminal thrombosis and iron accumulation are related to a higher risk of aneurysm rupture. This iron can be detected in the aneurysms on a 4.7tesla MR, ex vivo, and may predict aneurysmal rupture

  • Petri had three more publication in the pipe line, we will see how they will be published.

Other publications:

Loss of mural cells leads to wall degeneration, aneurysm growth, and eventual rupture in a rat aneurysm model. Marbacher S, Marjamaa J, Bradacova K, von Gunten M, Honkanen P, Abo-Ramadan U, Hernesniemi J, Niemelä M, Frösen J. Stroke. 2014 Jan;45(1):248-54. Epub 2013 Nov 12.

Comparison of vascular growth factors in the murine brain reveals placenta growth factor as prime candidate for CNS revascularization. Gaál EI, Tammela T, Anisimov A, Marbacher S, Honkanen P, Zarkada G, Leppänen VM, Tatlisumak T, Hernesniemi J, Niemelä M, Alitalo K. Blood. 2013