Partial Eclipse

2015 Mar 20, Vantaa

Canon 550D

M603 at f/6.4

Image on the left: 1/20 s at ISO100

Time lapse animation on the right: 1549 images every 5 second.

The weather was partially cloudy as the animation shows. Especially focusing in the beginning was difficult. Exposure had to be adjusted several times during the two hours.




Partial Eclipse

2003 May 31, Asikkala

Sony F717, f/2.0, on a tripod

Composition where background is lit by the Sun at left, rest was shot through the Baader AstroSolar filter.

Individual images stacked with Quantum Image.

For larger size, click here.



Partial Eclipse

2003 May31, Asikkala

Sony F717, f/2.4, 5x optical zoom

12 minutes after the deepest shadow.