2012 Mar 31, Vantaa

Canon 550D, crop 640 x 480 video mode

GSO/TS250 with two Barlow's => f/25

50 frames/s, individual frame 1/180 s, ISO1600

Out of 10416 frames 500 best were chosen, stacked and processed with Registax 6

Mars was four weeks after opposition, 42 degrees above horizon but only 12,6 arc seconds across. The bright spot on top is the Northern polar cap, and the broader spot in South is Hellas Planitia, the big impact basin. The most prominent dark feature is Syrtis Major.


2003 Aug 28, Vantaa

Sony F717, 5x zoom, afocally through

ETX90 with 40 mm EP, => f/17.

114 x 1/30 s at ISO200

Stacked with Registax.

Mars was at opposition and 25 arc seconds across but only 14 degrees above the horizon. The white spot is the polar cap in South.