2010 May 12, Vantaa

Canon 550D , crop 640 x 480 video mode

M603 with Barlow => f/27.

50 frames/s at ISO6400

1200 frames out of the 9504 recorded frames were selected and stacked with Registax




2006  Mar 13, Vantaa

ToUcam ("optimized non-raw"), 10 fps

M603 with Barlow => f/32.

22 AVI´s of 3 min recorded. On the average 847 frames selected from each AVI and stacked with Registax. The 22 intermediate stacks were stacked again, i.e. 18650 frames have contributed to this image. Obviously the seeing was not very good (imaging in cold weather over heated house



2004 Jan 01, Vantaa

Sony F717, 5x zoom, afocally through

M603 with 2x Barlow and 40 mm EP, => f/28.

104 x 1/10 s at ISO400

Stacked with Registax.