FS-ATC 3.1

Air Traffic Control software for
Microsoft Flight Simulator Macintosh version 4.0

Notice: I have finished with the FS-ATC project on the Macintosh platform. Many thanks for all registered as well as unregistered users for interest during last years.

Miika Asunta
Author for FS-ATC

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Fly your favorite air routes under the direction of Air Traffic Control (ATC.) FS-ATC 3.1 incorporates artificial intelligence to guide your flight from taxi to departure, through approach and landing. Great for flight simulator fans. Using Apple's Speech Manager, FS-ATC's controllers will literatelly speak to you.

FS-ATC gives new life to the old, venerable Macintosh version Microsoft Flight Simulator 4.0. This will cure your PC envy with Flight Simulator 5.1

FS-ATC is an air traffic control software that operates with Microsoft Flight Simulator. It runs on the background and it uses some undocumented apple events to find out position, direction, altitude and speed of aircraft. Using this information FS-ATC sends messages to the pilot using notification manager dialog box or speaking the messages using Speech Manager.

This new version introduces a big change: controller files are still supported, but I didn't like to write the same sentences over and over again. Beginning today, you can set the weather you like as well as set aircraft charasteristics, select sceneries you want to use, and finally make a simple flight plan by selecting departure and destination airports, and first VOR you fly toward. After that, you will hear ATIS message, and then ("Talk to controller") you just contact ground control and voilá, you receive a clearance for an instrument flight.

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