VFR reporting points as xml (lmx-file) for Nokia Cell Phones GPS Landmark

Finland VFR-reporting points
Finland enroute radio navigation facilities
Estonia VFR-reporting points
Estonia enroute radio navigation facilities

Installation: upload these to your phone, and open them. They will be opened by Landmarks application; select all / import all landmarks.

Notice: experimental, non-official, use on your own risk

And how it was done?

  • Get latest AIP and open with Adobe Acrobat
  • Select table containing data, right click to "copy as table"
  • Paste to spreadsheet
  • add column headers
  • add columns and formula to calculate coordinates
  • set coordinate number format to 4 decimals
  • email or bluetooth yourself a landmark file from your phone
  • cut sample of repeating landmark xml to word processor
  • use mail merge to combine the spreadsheet and word processor data
  • add xml header and footer, save as *.lmx file
  • upload to phone
  • try to import the landmarks
  • debug
  • continue editing until it works.

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