Baby outfit

Baby outfit

Size: 3 - 6 months

Yarn: Novita Bambino or any yarn you obtain the gauge

Yardage: pants 400 meters (100 - 105 g of Bambino), jacket 325 meters (85 g of Bambino)

Gauge: 26 sts and 36-37 rows is 10 cm/4 inches

2,5 mm and 3 mm needles, 3 mm circulars, 4 buttons, elastic band

Knit the edge stitches on the right side and purl on the wrong side.


Circumference: 54 cm

Lenght from waist to ankle: 45 cm

Legs: With 2,5 mm needles cast on 48 sts and knit 16 rows k1, p1 rib. Change to 3 mm needles and continue with stockinette stitch. Increase evenly 25 stitches on the first row, there are now 73 stitches. If you want to use lace pattern 2, start it on the 5th row, otherwise knit stockinette stitch. On 53rd row or 14 cm from the end of the rib increase 1 st at both ends of every 4th row 5 times. There are now 83 sts. On 73rd row cast off at the beginning of the every row 2 times 3 sts and 6 times 1 st. There are now 71 stitches left. Leave to wait and knit the other leg likewise.

Change to 3 mm circulars and join the legs together. On the first row knit the last stitch of the first leg and the first stitch of the second leg together and same with the last stitch of the second leg and the first stitch of the first leg. There are now 140 sts. When the work measures 18 cm after joining the legs, purl 1 row, knit 11 rows, purl 1 row, knit 10 rows. Cast off loosely.

Steam iron the pants and sew crotch and side seams. Fold and sew the waistband and pass an elastic band through it.


Finished chest: 54 cm Lenght: 27 cm Sleeve: 16 cm

Back: With 3 mm needles cast on 73 stitches and knit 3 rows garter stitch. Begin lace chart 1 and knit until the back measures 27 cm. Leave stitches to wait to be worked later. There are 25 sts for neck and 24 sts for shoulders.

Fronts: Cast on 37 stitches and knit 3 rows garter stitch. Begin lace chart 1 and knit 22,5 cm. Start neck shaping and cast off on the left side every other row 5 st, 3 st, 2 st and three times 1 stitch. Instead of casting off you can also place stitches on a stitch holder. When 27 cm from beginning leave 24 shoulder stitches to wait. Knit the left front same but reversing neck shaping.

Join shoulder stitches using three needle bind off.

Neckband: With 2,5 mm needles pick up 77 sts from neck (27 sts from back and 25 sts from both fronts) and knit 6 rows garter stitch, cast off.

Pick from left front edge 68 stitches and knit 6 rows garter stitch. Cast off. Knit right front edge as left, but on the 3rd row make evenly four buttonholes as follows: knit 5 stitches, buttonhole 2 st, knit 17 st, buttonhole 2 st, knit 17 st, buttonhole 2 s, knit 17 st, buttonhole 2 st, knit 4 st.

Sleeves: Sleeves are knit top down. Pick up 59 stitches from both sides of shoulder: 29 st from front piece, one stitch from shoulder seam and 29 stitches from back piece. Approx. from 20 rows pick 15 stitches, so hop over every fourth row. Knit stockinette stitch and start decreasings on the 5th row and decrease between edge stitches in the beginning and end of every fourth row 1 stitch 11 times. Start lace pattern 2 on the 9th row. When the sleeve is 15 cm long, knit 4 rows garter stitch and cast off.

Steam iron the jacket and sew side and sleeve seams. Sew 4 buttons.

Lace chart 1 Lace chart 2 symbols


bootiebootie unfolded

Cast on 45 sts and knit 3 rows garter stitch. Work rows 1 - 12 of lace chart 1 (edge st, repeat x 3, k1, edge st) and then 5 rows stockinette stitch. Knit next row. This is the point, where the lace edging turns over the leg part and the wrong side of bootie changes to the right side of bootie. Purl next row and then continue working stockinette stitch 2 rows. On the next row decrease 9 sts evenly, 36 sts left. Continue 19 rows stockinette stitch. Leave 12 stitches of both sides to wait and work 18 rows with 12 center sts. Cut the yarn.

Knit 12 side sts you left await, pick up 12 sts from the edge of 18 rows, knit 12 center sts, pick up 12 sts from the other edge of 18 rows and 12 side sts. There should be now 60 sts. Work 8 rows stockinette stitch. Continue now with 12 center sts and work 2 sts together on the end of every row just like turned heel of sock is made (= work 11 sts and then 12th and next st together, use skp on the right side and p2tog on the wrong side) till there are 6 sts left on both sides and you have 24 sts total. Join these 6 sts to corresponding center sts using kitchener stitch or three needle binding off. Cut the yarn and sew the back seam.

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