Frost Flowers top

Frost Flowers topin ohje suomeksi

Yarn: 325 - 330 grams Novita Tennessee mercerized cotton or 7 balls Lidl's Classic Cable mercerized cotton (little over 6 balls, there is 47 - 48 grams of yarn in one ball and the finished top weighed 295 grams) or yarn to obtain gauge

Gauge: 20 stitches and 24 rows = 10 cm

Finished measurements: bust 100 cm, length 67 - 68 cm

Note: Every row has an edge stitch at the beginning and end. These edge stitches aren't included in the Lace chart I or Frost Flowers chart. Knit the edge stitches on the right side and purl them on the wrong side. In the Armhole shaping chart the edge stitch is included and is knit also on the wrong side.

Frost Flowers top
Lace chart I
Zoom Lace chart I

Frost Flowers lace chart
Zoom Frost Flowers lace chart

Armhole shaping chart
Zoom Armhole shaping chart


With 3,5 mm needles, cast on 104 sts. Repeat 17 stitches of the Lace chart I between edge stitches 6 times. Knit 14 rows and change to 4 mm needles and continue with Frost Flowers chart.

While repeating Frost Flowers chart fourth time and on the 21st row, follow armhole shaping chart and change the first eight stitches to garter stitches and change three more stitches to garter stitches every other row until you have 17 garter stitches. Start armhole shapings on the fifth row of the Frost Flowers chart and bind off 6, 2, 1 stitches at the beginning of the rows both sides. Continue knitting the first and last 8 stitches of every row garter stitch and knit the ninth stitch from the edge on the right side and purl on the wrong side.

Starting Frost Flowers chart seventh time bind off for the neck on the first row 30 center stitches and then every other row at neck edge 2, 1 sts. After 12th row set remaining 25 stitches aside and knit the other side in the same way.


Same as back, but start shaping neck on the first row while repeating Frost Flowers chart for sixth time and bind off 24 s center stitches and then every other row at neck edge 3, 3 x 1 sts.


Join back and front shoulder stitches using three-needle bind-off or kitchener stitch. Crochet single crochet round all over the neck hole. Steam or block pieces and sew side seams.

Frost Flowers tops

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