Frost Shawl

Ohje suomeksi

I had earlier knit Frost Flowers top to my friend and she wanted a shawl to wear with it, so I designed this shawl.

You can use yarn and needle size you want to. Bigger needle size and thicker yarn means a bigger shawl and vice versa. The white shawl below is knit of 7 balls (about 700 meters) of Zettl Cotton-Classic Cable yarn using 4,5 mm needles and it is 95 cm high and 190 cm wide.

Frost Shawl
Frost Shawl detail

Cast on 3 stitches and continue as follows:
1. row: knit
2. row: (k1, k1b) in one stitch, (k1, k1b) in one stitch, k1 (5 stitches)
3. row: knit
Continue from chart 1 and always knit 2 edge stitches at the beginning and the end of all rows and purl all wrong side (even) rows between these edge stitches unless otherwise stated.


After 144 rows from the beginning of the chart 1, there should be 291 stitches (2 edge sts + 143 sts + middle st + 143 sts + 2 edge sts). Continue Lace edging from chart 2a and chart 2b.

Note! Chart 2a and 2b have all rows charted and even rows goes from left to right. After 28th row continue following lace edging 2 from chart 3. Purl chart's 2nd and 4th rows.

Chart 1
Chart 1 (gif)
Chart 2a
Chart 2a (gif)
Chart 2b
Chart 2b (gif)
Chart 3
Chart 3 (gif)

Charts are also available as pdf files: Chart 1 (pdf), Chart 2a (pdf), Charts 2b and 3 (pdf). Remember to print in landscape mode.

Finish by crocheting 2 edge stitches together, *9 chain, 3 stitches together,* repeat *-* till there are 3 stitches before middle stitch, 9 chain, 2 stitches together, 9 chain, 3 stitches together (the middle one of these three is the middle stitch), 9 chain, 2 stitches together, *9 chain, 3 stitches together,* repeat *-* till there are 2 stitches left, 9 chain, 2 edge stitches together. Finish yarn ends and block or steam iron your shawl.

Charts are quite wide, so print them landscape. I like to print my charts with Irfanview, a free image viewer, which has really excellent printing qualities. Easy and quick.

2008 PM This pattern is for private use only.