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FI JW-13 Follies Raindrop has been mated.

Yellow litter is epeted in the beginning of May 2019

more information paihof(at)saunalahti.fi


Black litter will born week 47/2018

More information in litters


Yellow puppies  available

More information in litters


Black litter will born week 6/2018

More information in litters


No puppies available


Keltainen urospentu vapaana

Yellow male available

More in formations in litters


We have puppies available!

More in formations in litters


FIJW-13 follies Raindrop has been mated.

More in formations in litters


Tawastway's Think Thrice has been mated.

More in formations in litters

Tawastway's Think Thrice


Tawastway's Best In Snow has been mated.

More in formations in litters

Tawastway's Best In Snow

Tawastway's Best In Snow


Photos of Tawastway's Santa's -litter


We have yellow puppies:

When dad who lives in Arctic Circle is called Nicodemus and
dam is called Giddyup - What else could their puppies be but Reindeers?

Welcome to the world - Santa's little helpers:
first boys:
Tawastway's Santa's Dasher
Tawastway's Santa's Prancer
Tawastway's Santa's Comet
Tawastway's Santa's Cupid
Tawastway's Santa's Dunder
and girls:
Tawastway's Santa's Vixen
Tawastway's Santa's Dancer
Unfortunally Santa's Blixem already flew off as an angelpuppy.
"When, what to my wondering eyes should appear,
but a miniature sleigh, and eight tiny rein-deer,
with a little old driver, so lively and quick,
I knew in a moment it must be St. Nick.

More rapid than eagles his coursers they came,
And he whistled, and shouted, and call'd them by name:
"Now, Dasher! Now, Dancer! Now, Prancer, and Vixen!
"On, Comet! On, Cupid! On, Dunder and Blixem!

"To the top of the porch! to the top of the wall!
"Now dash away! dash away! dash away all!"

As dry leaves that before the wild hurricane fly,
When they meet with an obstacle, mount to the sky;
So up to the house-top the coursers they flew,"

Check litters for more information


WHAT, Not even a year since I've last time updated this site.

Well - lots has happened during this year. 

We lost our Kettunen in last January at the age of 12+.

We have couple of new Tracking Champions, 
 FI TR CH Tawastway's Geronimo & FI TR CH Tawastway's O Tempora O Mores. Congratulations to their owners!

Kisu has grown and she has brought lots of joy to us with her little tricks - 
she happens to be very good  and clever doing those.
There is also a new member in our pack, Tipu stayed at home from Pulu's last litter.

In August there were 3 big shows  in Helsinki area- 2 specialties and of course WW-14. 
Our girls too part - of course - in all these huge shows . They all got nice results, in particular Pulu 
(CH Tealway Early Bird) just showed her bests winning her class twice and placed 4th one day...

She also got some nice  results  before WW-14 -weekend

Tealway Early Bird BOB

Some puppies are also on their way , yellow litter will born  in October week 43

Check litters for more information

Also some updates here and there also.

Hopefully it won't take another year before next update :) 


Sorry, I've been very lazy updating these pages, instead you can find all the biggest
news and photos  in facebook in my profile.

Anyway - lots has happened during this year - something very sad but also something very happy events...

In February we lost our grand old lady, Hiiri, CH Strongline's Knock on Wood at 15,5 years of age.

In March FI TR CH Tawastway's Luna Negra whelped 10 lovely puppies, unfortunately only 1 survived.

Kisu has started her show career and already at 10 months she won her 
first CAC with BOS under breeder judge Eeva Rautala.

Kisu has also delighted us winning BIS1 in LRC Puppy & Veteran show in October, 
126 labrador puppies were entered and 42 veterans too in this show.

Follies Raindrop "Kisu"

Kettunen, CH Strongline's Well-Known, has been shown twice this year. In August she went BIS-1 -veteran in LRC Club Show and in October she placed 3rd in  her class over 10-years bitches - there were 15 super ladies entered in this megaclass!!!

Pulu has been in some shows  with nice results, including one BOB.  
Pulu also has whelped a litter in November, this is her last litter. She will retire from breeding after this.

check litters



Photos of our K2-litter 

check litters

FI TR CH Tawastway's Luna Negra has been mated

check litters



We have puppies!

check litters

Also introducing a newcomer in girls: Follies Raindrop

Welcome Kisu to our gang and big thanks to her breeders!

Follies Raindrop, 7 weeks

New photo of Tawastway's Energizer at 20 months

Tawastway's Energizer


FI CH Tawastway's Ragdoll has been mated

check litters

Puppy & Veteran show 2012

Tawastway's Raspberry: Winner of huge puppy3-class bitches

Tawastway's Rumour Has it, didn't place this time in this same class

Tawastway's Rooster: placed 4th in puppy-3 claas dogs.

It was nice to see these pups, thankyou to the owners!

Tawastway's Raspberry


Pulu's litter informations updated

check litters


Black litter born for 
Pulu, CIB FI&EE CH SE SH CH Tealway Early Bird

check litters


Lots has happened during summer, here some quick news...

Pulu, CIB FI&EE CH SE SH CH Tealway Early Bird: is in whelp, 

black puppies will born around  middle of October,  week 42

check litters

Oulu Labrador Specialty  08.09.2012:

CIB FI&EE CH SE SH CH Tealway Early Bird: Winner of champion  class with excellent and CCQ
Finished as Best Bitch-4

Tealway Early Bird

Tealway Early Bird

Saga, Tawastway's Best In Snow: winner of the intermadiate class with excellent and CCQ

Tawastway's Best In Snow

And Taavi, FI TR CH Tawastway's Quick Quack (Mallorn's Arcturus - Tawastway's Piglet):
Winner of veteran dogs with excellent and CCQ and finished as BIS-veteran at the age of 10 years!
Tawastway's Quick Quack


Tawastway's Raspberry (Waterline's Le Bon - Tawastway's Goldilocks)
age 7 months

Tawastway's Raspberry

Newcomer in dogs:
Tawastway's Early Frost:
Kouvola All Breed Show 18.08.2012:
Placed second in junior class with excellent + CCQ and finished as Best Dog-3rd
Tawastway's Early Frost
Eemeli, 15 months

Also Taavi, Tawastway's Energizer, got his forst CC & BOS fromMäntyharju show in August

Some working results also, at least

Tawastway's O Tempora O Mores has tracked twice open class first prize during summer
Her dam FI CH FI&SE TR CH Tawastway's Just Foxy has also tracke winners class first prize and also  got a water rescue result
Tawastway's Giddyup was qualified in the field
Both FI CH Tawastway's Ragdoll & Tawastway's Moon Madness have been scored on mental  test (MH-test)


New photos of

Tawastway's O Tempora O Mores at 2 years
Tawastway's O Tempora O Mores

Tawastway's Over The Moon  at 2 years
Tawastway's Over The Moon

Tawastway's Energizer at 13 months
Hips A/A, elbows 0:0, eyes OK
Tawastway's Energizer


Photos of our R2 -litter at 6 weeks
check litters

Male puppy from Tawastway's  R2-litter

Male puppy of tawastway's R2-litter


We have a new champion:
 FI CH Tawastway's Ragdoll finished her title in Kouvola 3.3.2012 with CC and BOS!
Well done Leena ja Tyrni!

Photos of our R2 -litter at 5 weeks
check litters

Bitch-puppy  still available from this litter

Unfortunately there will be no puppies for  Pulu, CH Tealway Early Bird this time.
She will be mated again in August-September.

New photos of Moona, Tawastway's Moon Madness

New photo of Saga, Tawastway's Best In Snow, 12 months

Tawastway's Best In Snow


We have yellow puppies

check litters

Pulu, CH Tealway Early Bird, has been inseminated
Yellow puppies are expected to born late April,  week 17/2012

check litters

New photo of Saga, Tawastway's Best In Snow, 11 months

Tawastway's Best In Snow, 11 months


Happy New Year!

Yellow puppies expected at week 08/2012

check litters