Cosmos 1100, Winter 2001-2002

End of October the contract went to winter sleep, I have some rush in my main job too. There is no any hurry, main bulkhead waits four month some extra layers of glass on the floor of my workshop. Yeah, I have heater, but outside may have MINUS 20 centigrade, or more. My workshop has only 100 mm heat insulators.

Anyway, this is hobby, no rush, no stress.

Latest job of autumn and foremost job of spring was edge reinforcements of bulkheads.


Edge of bulkheads engraves core off in accordance with plans.

Suitable piece of unidirectional glass cloth wet with epoxy.

Turn wet cloth on tight roll, fiber lengthwise of course.

Edge hole jammed full of rolled uni.

Squeeze as tight as possible.

Let it cured few days. All of my clamps was not enough. My dealer in hardware was happy again..;-)

The result is quite good I think. Just in right place.

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