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The story. Some guy (SixFeetUnder) was playing around with AutoRune (RuneScape cheat), trying to trade a scythe. He failed. During his experiments he found out one rather interesting thing. Any nonstackable item can be created. Well, he got very excited and told 5 other people - me (Kaitnieks), Dylock, g0ne, Aid uand David. One of us couldn;t keep the mouth shut so in the next morning every RS player was crying about duped pink hats sold in Varrock for 5 mill each. Naturally it was just a matter of time for Jagex to find out, so I decided to have some fun. Like we did the other time with Banker killing

Even I know that crackers and the silly hats are the most expensive items in the game. So naturally we created those. Oh, two guys also created and alched some kind of expensive shields (I dunno, drag squares or something - hey, don't call me n00b, I finally know where Al Kharid is). They made over 1 billion each.
Anyway, here are pictures.

The pictures.

To create items, you must trade with someone. They can give you any nonstackable item by specifying count = 0. It's fixed by now. Well done Jagex, took you less than a whole day.

By old prices it's more than 200 mill in GPs.

This is how marketplace looked like before we started.

Here we go, dropping hats, pulling crackers.

Awaa!!! It's the party word. Everybody say Awaaa! Again! Again! Watch us go :)

By the end of the day nobody will say about people cracking crackers Holy ****!

Here they start following me. RS people are bunch of lazy, hypocrite beggers.

Dropping hats. Is blue the most valuable now?

Yeah my name was m i n e ore btw.

More people start to come slowly. I keep pulling crackers.



"Crack me" was their party word. I'm not sure, are they asking for drugs?

Those losers, watch them follow like hungry dogs.

Here I invite everyone to join me in castle yard. I wonder if anyone will come. Why would they. For hats that cost 1 GP in general store?

This is how castle yard looked like before.

They are flowing like a white river of death. They have scythes too.

Dylock is the party king. He cracked way more than me. He was silly enough to not make screenies.

They keep coming.

And coming.

Few minutes ago there were no people in castle yard.

Many people thanked me that day. I'm sure it was good for economy and people who had no chance to get a silly hat, too bad we didn;t manage to make way more of them.

There comes Dylock and his river.

I'm trying to meet Dylock and trade with him so I can refill my crackers but it's not easy with all the people.

Like bloody parasites they're everywhere.


I decided to bail and wait for Dylock upstairs.

Some people somehow noticed and followed me. Leeches.

They say - if you ignore it, it goes away. This doesn;t always apply to RS players.

I made them say AutoRune rules. After all it was AutoRune the crackers were made with.

They did say it :D

I gave most of them 10 crackers each with a rule that they crack 1 on anybody. Some actually did. Their gain, because crackers were deleted later. Cracked hats didn't.

Here I get proposed. Yay? What can be more beautiful than imaginary wedding between game chars where each char is controlled by 13 years old pale, plumpy computer nerd with thick glasses? All this romance, I feel my heart singing to stars.

Saying "Later" is like saying "Sometime never"... "I'll call you". "Sure, it was good." "No, I think you look great".

Aha, Dylock is coming.

He's the party king like I said. We will never get a quiet place to trade. Next time we should find a way to teleport the other players awaay :D

Finally I get some more crackers. Dylock is the man.

I dunno, seeing how they follow us... Why didn;t we go to wildy?

People are still in yard as you see.

Lots of people. It's like they keep coming out of everywhere. I can imagine all the "OMG TEHYRE CRACVKING FREE CRACKERZ LOL IN VARROCK CASTLE!!!111 COEM FAST!!!1 ROFL" in PMs and chats and forums.

Pulling some more crackers to keep the party spirit up. You have to feed the dog to make it follow.

Look at the white dots on map. It's like dandruff on minimap.

This is the crap I got out of crackers. Nothing useful, except those iron certs. But then again who puts spinach or certificates in xmas crackers? Jagex does. I bet their company parties are fun. Please, I don;t want to know what they put into socks in Christmas.

God I love seeing so many white dots.

The amount of energy people waste in playing this game for one hour would be enough to keep my house warm the whole winter.

Look, marketplace is empty.

The background. Here are some random facts.
1) Hats and other items were created by AutoRune. AutoRune is infamous RS cheat, you don't need to know much about it, just how Jagex said there are no cheats for RuneScape. Did they make a mistake or did they lie to you? You decide. Anyway if someone offers you AutoRune, don't download it, it's not being given to anyone and what you will be downloading is a keylogger. Trust me, that is so.
2) Almost all players who created items got banned. Someone made 40 mill, someone almost 100 mill and didn't get banned but most of the accounts did. Especially those having 1 bill GPs and 100 sets of hats. My personal gain is some pink hats and ~5k steel bars. Not that much eh?
3) It took several hours for Jagex to figure out the problem and fix it. During this time they didn't do anything to stop the duping.
4) Jagex could not trace which items are duped and which are normal. That's why only some items got deleted.
5) The situation in market is very unstable but seems like the rarest hat (pink one, the most ugly hat) is now one of the most common.
6) Jagex did not roll back. I guess they don't really mind seeing rares becoming less rare.
7) Andrew doesn't have sense of humor. Mod Mark does. He's the man! But Andrew... You should all send e-mail to Andrew and tell him you love him, he's very sad and lonely. Andrew promised Dylock lifetime membership if he helps. Instead of that he banned his account. Go on, help the kind RS mods, your reward will be a ban, you know you want it.

Anyway, that was fun. Comments, feedback, thanks to rsl@sci.fi.

Nov 10., 2003., by Kaitnieks at http://kaitnieks.com

Screenshots are made by Kaitnieks.
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