Banker slaying - Mirror by RSL

All this was done with AutoRune.

All I had was a lvl3 character, a shortbow and some arrows.

Apparently players (unlike Jagex) think it's funny too:

What? You won't exchange singapore dollars??? Take this lazy banker!!!

Now who's better?

Lol - maybe the best ranged training place is at Varrock bank?

Total anarchy!!!

Bah, my mates closed doors on me lol. Well soon to get back to banker slaughter.

At this point Jagex... err... fixed the bug, that allowed us to kill bankers. At least they tried to, for that we bow to them.

Here are my stats. Every single level is gained either at tutorial island or killing bankers.

Finally I decided to pay a little visit to my friend Mod Bennet at his office. For some weird reason he didn;t think that banker slaughter fest was funny. Actually he described it in a word, that RuneScape masked with ****ed. Anyway he wasn't in a mood for talking because some less mature AutoRuners managed to piss him off before :)

Here my trip ended. Bennet came for a little moment and then disappeared. Oh well, worse for him, we could tell each other scary stories in the dark or try to figure out why we're hanging in the air and not falling (so do the dropped items :))

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