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Info Viewer

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What is Info Viewer?

Info Viewer is a replacement for topfields default infobox. It will display information about the current and next program from EPG. More detailed information about the selected program can be displayed in separate box. Info Viewer is also compatible with Description Extender

Info Viewer will also display information when a stored program is being viewed even if it is being recorded at the same time.

What are the different versions of Info Viewer?

There are 3 different versions of Info Viewer.

The default version will display the default topfield pvr information (for example programs being played/recorded) in the upper right corner but those are missing from the EN version:

Keys used in Info Viewer

infoOpen Info Viewer / show additional information / close Info Viewer
exitClose Info Viewer
nextScroll the programs forward (and display additional information about next program)
prevScroll the programs backward (and display additional information about previous program)
backShow info from previous channel
forwardShow info from next channel
slowTerminate the tap completely
vol+/vol-Adjust volume

Customizing Info Viewer

In the package there is info_viewer.ini with all possible options and default values. If you want to use it you should copy in to the same directory where Info Viewer is started (for example AutoStart).
There is also alternative color theme (black-gray-white). To use that, copy info_viewer_black.ini to your topfield with the name info_viewer.ini

Using channel logos

Info Viewer supports channel logos in Improbox format. Like in Improbox, the logo heigh must be 30 pixels, but in Info Viewer the logo width can be anything between 1 and 200 pixels.

The logos must be in .ibl format (can be converted from .bmp files for example with iblviewer).

The logos must be placed in \ProgramFiles\ChannelLogos\TV (or Radio) folder. The logos must be in lowercase letters. The logos are searched with the exact name and without any non-alphanumeric letters (even spaces). For example channel YLE TV1 logo must be either yle tv1.ibl or yletv1.ibl.

To get logos working, you must also change CHANNEL_LOGOS -option in the .ini file. What's displayed in each mode:

Using skin

The main screen "box" can be replaced with skin. Info Viewer checks at the start if info_viewer.ibl exists in the same directory. The file format is the same as in channel logos. This image should be (roughly) the same size as defined in .ini file (INFOBOX_W x INFOBOX_H). There is a sample image in .bmp format in the .zip file. RGB 0,0,0 color (black) is treated as transparent.Example skins are also available at Download skins page..

Bugs / features not yet implemented

Latest Changes

1) The EN in the name comes from TAP API function TAP_ExitNormal that should be called when anything is displayed on the screen. Calling ExitNormal will hide for example subtitles and pvr information from the screen.

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