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Skip It

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What is Skip It?

Skip It is a tap for skipping commercials (in recordings). The main idea is to skip the recording forward as long as the program appears. After this you can skip backward/forward to limit down the position using binary search. Skip It was implemented because FastSkip is not available anymore due to patent issues.

Layout 2:

Keys used in Skip It

okOpen the tap (only in playback mode), change skip length, close the tap
vol +/-Smart skip forward / backward (binary search)
channel +/-Small skip forward / backward (default 5 sec)
recallUndo last jump
exitClose the tap


There are three different configurations (.ini files) included in the package. These .ini files contain all the settings and the difference between the files is different layout/settings/keys displayed in pictures above. It's not necessary to use .ini files but if you want to use one of those .ini files copy it as skipit.ini to the same folder where skipit.tap is located. Keys needed in .ini file can be found from here.

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