Download FixWindowsUpdate.exe by clicking the screenshot
Current version is 1.0

Get it from CNET!

How much does this program cost?

Nothing, nada. It is freeware and you can distribute it freely, credits intact. Sales prohibited.
I only made this program to help some of my friends with their update problems and it made me so glad to see how happy they
were when the problem was finally solved, that I decided to publish this program

Have you made any other programs?

Yes, I have programmed a lot. But before this program I have published only one freeware.
It is called RamBooster. You may have heard of it before? You can find it HERE

I found this program useful and it saved me also money,
because I did not have to take my PC to the service. Is there any way to thank you?

If you wish, you can donate some money for the program development. There are more "Troubleshooters" to come. To support the development, you can click the PayPal-logo below and donate some money. But remember: You are not paying for the program, it is absolutely free and you don't have to donate anything.

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Thanks for the template

Did you know, that FireFox version 1.5 is finally here? You can download it by clicking the button below