NOTICE and UNDERSTAND this: I already had a note here telling that some antivirus-programs ERRATICALLY indicate that there is a trojan/virus in this file. This is because of the way this program handles the register and starts services using some scripts.

That was VERY clearly explained on this site.

Then, in October 2008 some IDIOT reported my ISP that this is a trojan, and they were forced to temporarily close my account to find out if there really is a trojan. There wasn't. And there isn't. That fact was already announced by that guaranteed this file spyware and virusfree. All the downloads go through

Now understand this: Do NOT bother to report this site to my ISP anymore. You'll just ridicule yourself.

What is this program about?

BITS, Background Intelligent Transfer Service, is an essential part of Windows Update process.
Sometimes things may go wrong, BITS stops working and you are not able to update your Windows anymore automatically or from Windows Update-website. This often occurs when you uninstall certain antivirus/internet security programs.
BITS-service simply stops running and an attempt to start it again causes an error screen. need to start BITS to update again..
That's where this program comes in. It is a collection of known and previously unknown fixes for this problem and running this program usually solves the problem and you're back in business again.

NOTICE: This program does NOT enable the Windows Update when the cause of the malfunction is using a pirated version of Windows XP. This program fixes a known problem with legal Windows XP-systems.

This is the very first version of the program. In the future FixWindowsUpdate will be able to fix other Windows Update-related errors also. Not only BITS-related, so stay tuned. This program will be developing step-by-step.
The next step will be adding a fix for error-message 0x80070643, I do not know yet when.

So, if this program is not capable fix your problem yet, please come back later and see if new versions can help you.

How much does this program cost?

Nothing, nada. It is freeware and you can distribute it freely, credits intact. Sales prohibited.
I made this program to help some of my friends with their update problems and it made me so glad to see how happy they were when the problem was finally solved, that I decided to publish this program

Have you made any other programs?

Yes, I have programmed a lot. But before this program I have published only one freeware.
It is called RamBooster. You may have heard of it before? You can find it HERE

I found this program useful and it saved me also money,
because I did not have to take my PC to the service. Is there any way to thank you?

If you wish, you can donate some money for the program development. There are more "Troubleshooters" to come. To support the development, you can click the PayPal-logo below and donate some money. But remember: You are not paying for the program, it is absolutely free and you don't have to donate anything.

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