Configuring Opus encoding in foobar2000 Converter

You need foobar2000 v1.1.14 beta 1 or newer to be able to play Opus files.
Latest version of Opus tools can be downloaded from Opus Codec Downloads.
Extract opusenc.exe from the zip-file into a folder of your choice. One option is to place it in the foobar2000 installation folder.
If the encoder is not placed in the foobar2000 installation folder or a location in system PATH, foobar2000 will ask you later where to find the file.

screenshot Right click a file and select Convert → Convert….
screenshot Click Output format.
screenshot Click Add new.
screenshot Select Custom.
screenshot Fill the fields with the following values:
  1. Encoder file: opusenc.exe
  2. Extension: opus
  3. Parameters: --quiet --bitrate 64 - %d
  4. Format is: lossy
  5. Highest BPS mode supported: 32
  6. Encoder name: Opus
  7. Bitrate (kbps): 64

Click OK.
screenshot Click Back.
screenshot Click Save <<.
screenshot Type a descriptive name, like Opus 64 kbps VBR.

You can now click Convert to convert the selected file.
You will also find the Opus option from the right click context menu under Convert.