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Finnish version

43 286 km  with the first actual Prototype

Last uppdate 2007-01-12

With the Hipparion Test Prototype (Prototype 0) I drove 4450 km. The first actual prototype of Hipparion, Protohippus 1, was completed in June-July 1998. After 43.286 kilometres the trike was stolen in August 2006. The frame and seat worked well. However, allmost all the bicycle parts were changed at least once. Aluminum frame had no marks of corrosion.

The assembly of the Prototype 1

Driving characteristics

Other characteristics


Nearly all the parts have been changed duaring the 42.000 km and 8 years. Only frame, seat, bottom bracket, cranks and Shimano Roll Brake are left from the original Protohippus 1. Everything else I have changed because of fatique, failure or to get better quality parts.

Further development

After Protohippus1 I designed and built Hipparion Protohippus 2, which is lighter and smaller. It was ready in June 2001. My wife and doughter have tramped it only about 1000 km, so I don't know very well if the construction is as durable as Protohippus 1.

Protohippus 2 is on its own page (text in English).

A better explanation in Finnish

Differences between tadpole trike and Hipparion delta trike

Driving in winter

The weather in Helsinki is very changeable at wintertime on the South coast. Many times the paths are full of dirty water and oily wet snow. In the afternoon the snow is freezinf and getting hard and very uneven. Duaring the winter the town adds more and more gravel on the road. The gravel is cleaned in March and April, but not all.

The lowest temperature duaring six seven years has been –23°C, not vey bad. Shimano Nexus SevenSpeed gear is little lazy in cold temperatures (frozen wire). I shortened the gear wire nearly 1 m (now about 0,5 m) and works better. The steering damper does not stand cold. It's letting air in.

Some more photos of Hipparion

Hipparion with camping equipment in June 2000
Hipparion   Hipparion + Silja Symphony   Hipparion + helicopter   Hipparion + Silja Symphony   Tilting front part   Hipparion, plan

Photo in Gotlands Allehanda 6.7.2000
Interview in Gotlands Allehanda in 6th July 2000. About 30 kg on the trunk

How it works? Animaation 1.5 MB (Hippa.avi) shows, how the leg steering works. A simple animation without the driver.

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