7.62mm: Weapons


Early version Konepistooli m/31 Suomi with the 70-round drum magazine. Picture from the Tikkakoski factory brochure.

The Finnish Weapons Series

This is an attempt to design Phoenix Command versions of all major small arms used by the Finnish armed forces.

  • Suomi m/31 SMG
  • Lahti m/39 anti-tank rifle
  • Lahti/Saloranta m/26 LMG
  • Lahti m/35 pistol
  • Sixteen bolt action rifles
  • Maxim type machine guns
  • Bofors anti-tank gun

    Russian and Soviet Weapons

  • m/1891-30 rifle
  • SVT-38 automatic rifle
  • DT tank machine gun
  • Djakonov rifle grenade system
  • Early Russian and Soviet hand grenades
  • Armored shield

    Other Weapons

  • No fewer than 15 Western Guns submitted by Alphonse "Al" Dente of Los Nachos, New Mexico
  • Sten Mk. 2S SMG
  • Carl Gustav "Swedish K" SMG
  • Boys anti-tank rifle
  • Gabilondo Ruby pistol
  • Various Parabellum pistols


  • BT-5 fast tank
  • T-26 model 1933 infantry tank

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