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Asia's economies may, now and again, be seen to take a few steps backward, but the general trend over the past fifty years and continuing on into the future is generally upward. For that reason alone, the region cannot be ignored by Europeans wishing to make the most of the globalization of business.

And yet the people there seem to think, act and speak so differently. It is a little known fact that Asians view international business as a battlefield, in which victory can only be gained by the successful playing of mind games. How can successful business be done with people who seem such a mystery? The answer is by studying exactly what makes them tick, by studying how they react in business, what motivates them to do so and what you should do in response.

In the Western world, the ability to formulate successful business strategies is regarded as a matter of intelligence and intuition, and a large element of 'fair play' is expected. In Asia, it is a strategic discipline, based largely on Sun Tzu's 'The Art of War', and deception of the 'enemy' is regarded as admirable. No wonder Asians oftern feel that Europeans and Americans seem weak and naive in tough negotiating situations, and the Westerners often return home with nothing to show for their efforts.

We, at China Consulting, are specialists in the field of Asian business. We can guide you through the main areas, helping you to understand why Asians think as they do, and how, by recognizing various signs, you can turn their behavior to your advantage. Our 1-day seminar will cover such areas as:

  • language

  • religion and philosohpy

  • history

  • how Asia views the West

  • negotiating characteristics

  • customs and traditions

  • hierachy

The course will cover such countries as China, Japan, South Korea, Taiwan, Malaysia, Indonesia, Thailand, the Philippines, Singapore, and any others that you may have an interest in. If there are any aspects of business culture not listed above and specific to your company, then these too can be incorporated into the course at your request. The teaching day comprises 8 teaching units (6hours).