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The Southern Sky

This page contains pictures of the Southern Sky objects, which are not visible from Finland. The pictures were taken on a holiday trip to Gran Canaria, Arguineguin, on 11th of June 2013. Observation place was 7th floor balcony of the Sunwing hotel. Tracking device was Sky Watcher Merlin and camera Canon Eos 60Da. Objectives were Canon EF-S 18-135mm f/3.5-5.6 IS and EF 100-400L f/4.5.

The airport security control did not say anything about my bag which was full of photography equipment, including red dot scope and 16 AA batteries. Only too large Sun-cream bottle was forbidden.

Before travelling I checked from Google Maps the position of the hotel and observed that on certain parts of hotel the balconies are to the south. I requested from Hotel to get one of these rooms in highest floors and they agreed. It was forbidden to go to the roof of the hotel. Surprising problem stopping photography was that on the balcony there was a lamp, which you could not turn off. Next day I figured out how to remove the lamp. However, I had to stand on a small chair close to 7th floor balcony edge to remove the lamp. This was a small risk compared to acquired images. All outside lamps of the hotel were turned off at 12 PM.

Center of the Milky Way Galaxy in constellation of Sagittarius. Exposures were 5 times 7 seconds. The center of Milky Way galaxy is in 30000 light years distance from us. Up from the bright center is letter V-shaped dark cloud called Dark Horse. Lagoon nebula M8 is red area to the left from the center.

Below is Milky Way pictures combined. Picture area about 20x10 degrees. The M24 is the Great Sagittarius Star Cloud.

Zooming into image abowe.

Lagoon nebula M8 and Trifid nebula M20 in constellation of Sagittarius, with EF100-400 tele zoom set to 100mm. Exposures 6x14 seconds.
Lagoon nebula: Distance 5220 light years.
Trifid nebula: Distance 5200 light years

Trifid nebula M20 and Lagoon nebula M8 in constellation of Sagittarius, with EF100-400 tele zoom set to 400mm. Trifid: Single exposure 11 seconds. Lagoon: Single exposure 7 seconds. Because of tripod and tracking problem I could not make longer exposures in 400mm focus.

Omega nebula M17 is in the middle and the Eagle-nebula M16 is on above. Taken with EF100-400 tele zoom set to 100mm. Exposures were 6x14 seconds.

Globular cluster Omega Centauri with EF100-400 tele zoom set to 400mm. Exposures 4x7 seconds. Distance is 15800 light years.

Milky Way pictures combined. The 2 pictures on left are taken in Finland and the 2 on right are taken in Gran Canaria.

A faint glimpse of the galaxy Centaurus A.

Copyright (c) for pictures, 2017 Harry Rabb. All rights reserved.

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