Astrophotography - A Tour to the Night Sky

This is an astronomy picture book on web. I have taken the images mainly with Celestron 8 telescope and Canon Eos 60Da camera in Kirkkonummi, years 2013-2020. The background image of this page is Great Orion Nebula Messier 42. It is a birthplace of stars at distance of 1300 light years. Below is also link to my Life on Mars study, which I presented in University of Nevada 14th of April 2018, in conference Social and Conceptual Issues in Astrobiology.
Best Regards - Harry Rabb, Kirkkonummi Finland 2020.

Solar System
Milky Way galaxy
The life of a star
Southern Sky
Northern lights
The Moon
Back to 80s

Life on Mars
Now in the Sky

Below is collection of pictures of Astronomical objects in the sky from small scale to large scale.

This picture has places where stars are born, like Orion nebula M42 and the Horsehead nebula. Deaths of stars are M1 Crab nebula, M27 Dumbbel nebula and Veil Nebula. Star clusters are M45 Pleiades and M13 Globular cluster in Hercules. Galaxies, like M31, M33 and our Milky Way Galaxy, are systems of hundreds of billions stars. Galaxies belong to galaxy clusters, like the Abell 1656. Quasars, massive black holes eating stars, are the brightest objects in the Universe. You can study larger, 3000x1900 pixel version by clicking here.

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