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LTJ-02 Avarus: "A - V - P"


Avarus: A - V - P Avarus: A - V - P  More pictures



1. (22:48)

Released 8.1.2003, hand-coloured sleeves, limited edition of 175 copies, sold out.
23 minutes of coolest psychedelia, one long piece recorded live in Pori last april and slightly mixed afterwards. Line-up on this record: Roope Eronen, Janne Laurila, Lars Mattila, Markus Mäki, Tero Niskanen, Arttu Partinen and Kevin Regan.

NOTE: This has been re-released in 2005 as a part of a double-cd Avarus compilation Ruskeatimantti on tUMULt.

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This is what Aquarius said about it:

"More limited cd-r madness, again from our Finnish faves Avarus. A super limited one track 22+ minute live set, and it'a a little surprising considering what we're used to from these guys. The last few Avarus releases have been dreamy, stumbly psychedelic tinged folk, with loose tribal drumming, and an odd assortment of bowed, plucked and strummed instruments, reminding us very much of AQ faves Kemialliset Ystavat (with whom Avarus share members) and tribal, free-rock collective the No Neck Blues Band. But this live record is a different beast altogether. Channelling the spirit of the Dead C, Avarus kick up quite a racket, a thick slab of sound, with LOTS of guitars, feedback and some seriously chaotic drumming, recorded hot and overblown, adding just the right amount of distortion and haze to the recording. It almost sounds like some New Zealand noise rock band like Gate or maybe UK psych/drone ensemble Sunroof! -covering- Avarus. A nice new direction for one of our favorite bands! In handpainted sleeves, every one unique!"

And this is from Broken Face #16 (which also features an interview with Avarus):
"If you've read this issue as closely as you should, you're probably already familiar with Avarus, but if you aren't then we'll give you yet another chance to catch up on these incredible Finns. Even though A -V -P offers plenty of instrumental oddness it might very well be their most structured one yet. After a tumultuous and rather noisy start, this short one track CD-R veers off into a lovely Krautrock groove that is destined to have your head spinning or at least moving up and down until it's all over. It's not at all surprising that these cats enjoy the primitive side of Ash Ra Tempel and Amon Düül as much as the damaged-improv side of current psych/folk. What we're left with is yet another aural monster that's destined to go out of print so act accordingly."

Here's yet another review, this one from Sunny Days Out:
"Some nice watercolour splashes and incomprehensible scrawlings on the cover, so they've won my heart already. Wild man of the woods music (my new favourite genre). Improvised un-rock with wailing and screeching. The official description is probably "pagan". Hey! It's a short CD! You know I love 'em. 22 minutes, 1 track? I love you AVP! It starts off sounding like Genesis' "The Waiting Room" - I'm not kidding! It soon changes - here comes the jingling bells, the off-key atmospheres of the ritualistic band. We could call this "wailing wolf atmospherics" - ever since I first heard that Atman seven inch I have been on a long long journey to find more of this - at last my quest appears to have come to fruition. Ah, here are the DRUMS. This is folking great! (sorry.) YES! Here are the wails! I really do love this stuff. Nicola is playing the recorder in the next room, it's blending in, and ladies and gentlemen we have BLISS! Now it's settling down into that deep hypno stuff, and you could almost dance to this. Well, you know, ritualism and all that. Better than you'd get at a rave too. Just don't make me take drugs I'd probably chuck my guts up. 9/10"

And here's finally one from Maelstrom:
"We were supposed to review this MCD by Acid Mother's Temple, who are, I'm told, like, THE shit as far as cult psychedelic music is concerned. But the album we got our hands on was SO boring, and, according to our man Dave McGonigle, not at all representative of how good AMT can be. It was a 20 minute long drone raga. It sucked. The Avarus album reviewed here is what that Acid Mother's Temple album should have been. I'm calling the Avarus "267 Lattajaa" only because it's my best guess as to what it's actually titled. For all I know, it could be an address. This is one of those DIY CDRs that come in a piece of paper folded in two with a plastic baggie holding it all together. The artwork is pretty cool, like the Beatles got together and did some finger painting. And the paint was actually *applied* to each cover. That's cult cool. But it's all about the music. Like that Acid Mother's Temple CD, the Avarus disk is one track that lasts around 20 minutes. It's drony and somewhat raga-like, with soothing, buzzy guitars that fade in. The overall effect is like a flow of clouds moving swiftly overhead with the drumming providing the undercurrent that gives them motion. In terms of the band's progression, it's cool to see that since the last recording we reviewed (here), Avarus has found a sound that's entirely different from another one of our favorite Finnish psyche bands, Kemialliset Ystävät. A very, very nice piece of musical obscurity." Review by Roberto Martinelli

Plus a short one from Arkkitehti:
"Avarus at it's best; one 20 minute lenght drone-opus with an astral touch. If only gybe would do something this beautiful. 5/5"

267 lattajjaa