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LTJ-05/06 "Tididii Tididii Tididiididii - A 267 Lattajjaa Compilation"


Tididii Tididii Tididiididii - A 267 Lattajjaa Compilation Tididii Tididii Tididiididii - A 267 Lattajjaa Compilation



Disc 1 (LTJ-05):

1. DI MAISSINTÄHKÄ: eka kappale (0:17)
2. UTON: vihreän tuuman hengitys (3:52)
3. AVARUS: eppi-lööna motkottaa "motko-motko" (pliiz, lopeta!) (6:20)
4. GREYPARK: viistoistkakstoisnollayks (1:31)
5. PYLON: terveys :) (2:32)
6. BRASPYREET: kivitalo taantuu (5:18)
7. ILMASTOINTILAITTEITA: my teeth are cracking i am poor (2:44)
9. EVER HAD: camels eat sand (3:04)
10. VERDE: ruma jousi (5:23)
11. CAN CAN HEADS: double talkin' maybe (1:29)
12. RAKENNUSTUHKAA: aina vaan maalataan (6:23)
13. O SAMULI A: taloyhtiö tiedottaa (4:52)
14. EKTROVERDE: kiehua (8:03)
16. AÏR: rouyn-noranda (6:11)
17. PLAT YPUS: introduzione-2 (6:04)
18. DUHEX: azrrrra (2:46)
19. A SHALLOW CONSPIRACY: kaleidoscope language (4:47)

Disc 2 (LTJ-06):

1. SYÖTTÖTEHO: kateus (0:17)
2. AGNOSIA: assault of the elektro yiddish (3:44)
3. 1 IN 10: green square (3:29)
4. BLUBBERHEADS: about to leave (1:39)
5. DRAKES MEDICINE: number of the beats (3:56)
6. EVER HAD: reindeers eat snow (2:29)
7. BOB OF AMERICA: 224 unknown countries (excerpt) (3:10)
8. MATULA: der alte (bruchstück) (5:15)
9. KROKO: sabra (2:25)
10. SHORT EYES: spiritual asshole (0:42)
11. SKULLPTURE: untitled (4:53)
12. MASSACCESI: science: finding ways to slaughter millions (2:42)
14. LUU: valssi (3:09)
15. LALLA KHARD: o0O (2:40)
16. SONIC TEMPLE ASSASSINS: born in the u.s.a. (2:58)
17. KIVA: keikkaa - kiimaa (3:39)
18. TESTICLES: lick my funny (2:17)
19. MURHA MURHA ITSEMURHA: olin väritön (1:04)
20. FUN: U69: das loveboot (3:17)
21. MAAGINEN TEATTERI: väinämöinen (2:42)
22. IN-WALKED BLANK: under sloppiest quality control (1:37)
23. JOHN STROBO: halavatun kalkatus (kuoleman kukot) (3:13)
24. KVANTTI: doppelgänger (3:01)
25. NO SCENE: 230801 (6:13)
26. BABY SWEETCORN: live for kicks and danger (4:50)
27. KILOMETRITEHDAS: kävelen (1:31)

Released 7.7.2003, reissued in march 2005, sold out. Digi version released 26.7.2016.

160 minutes of (mostly) finnish underground music, includes two inserts.

"This double-cd is a sequel to OOOOOps-cokish, featuring some bands from that album and many more. Most are Finnish and all are definitely underground. It's a collection of weird and eccentric and thus doomed to rather few playings. However, there are some very good tracks I'll probably copy on a compilation CD with some better tracks to accompany them. Highly recommended for the fans of the curious." Mikko Saari, Melankolia.Net

This is what Mats Gustafsson said about the record in Broken Face #17:
"For the next issue of the 'Face we're hoping to include a piece covering contemporary Finnish psychedelic music and its roots. If you can't wait that long or just want to be prepared for what's to come I can't think of a better way than to pick up a copy of Tididii Tididii Tididiididii. It's a brand new double CD-R compilation of (mostly) Finnish underground music consisting of not less than 46 tracks and just as many bands. Although I consider myself to be fairly familiar with the scene, I've only heard something like 15 of these combos before, but it's not only bands like Avarus, Uton, Pylon, Ektroverde, Can Can Heads and Plat Ypus that stand out here. But before going into those I have to comment on Pylon's structured yet stumbling instrumental free folk number "Terveys" which is so mellow that it might be hard to imagine that these two guys actually are members of Avarus, but on repeated listens you'll find a similarly free approach to music making and the results are just as rewarding. Braspyreet are remembered for some excellent violin scrape over exotic rhythms while there's a bit of a grainy simmering ambience over Rakennustuhkaa's subtle post rock moves. Especially on the second disc quite a few tracks veer off to something more electronic, with both almost poppy structures but more frequently strangely captivating electronic vendettas that will either strike you as downright disturbing or mind-cleansing. 1 in 10's "Green Square" is particularly intense and could even be described as roughly danceable. Blubberheads and Drakes Medicine deliver crisp, driving guitars and manage to rock pretty hard and thanks to some 'Hammond & Mutilation as well as Psyched Out Vocalizing' we get a fun and intense rendition of "Born in the USA." But the icing on the cake of the second disc is something a whole lot more gentle, the harmonium-laced folk pop of Baby Sweetcorn. I could easily continue with describing the rest of the tracks on these discs but what's really the point? You need this and you need it now. Get it from hhaahti@dlc.fi."

"267 lattajjaa is a truly cool finnish label & hannu the guy behind it has offered various yummies for our pleasure. sadly most of them limited to some 50 or 70 or so copies, so guess you harry up but I checked thanks to him avarus's "a-v-p" cdr, clocking for some 20 or so minutes and is a more freakish spacious avarus piece but really superb making worth to check it out. yep, seems am falling in love with this group and the finnish scene in general. The next surprise was the "tididii tididii tididiididii" 2 cdr compilation which comes highly recommended. I gotta admit that for the finnish scene unfamiliar listener (including me I mean) this can be a really great companion or at least to give you a really cool introduction to its local scene. we actually get 2 cdrs almost different in style, the first one features more allow me to say folkish/freakish/krautish/experimentalish tunes & projects sucah as uton, avarus, ektroverde, plat ypus, michael knight ensemble which makes it a really stunning cdr listening as sounds vary from ambient, then to more trip out folkish psychedelia, suddenly turn to more a la can or kraut style like stuff to turn again into more absurd craziness. The second one is the more electronica/core stuff, more 80's electronics clones, starts w/ a superb grindcore tune, some more hardcorish/punkish stuff and more electronica, perhaps I didn't fancy all of the bands in this one but almost 80% of the cdr was a really lovely experience, including crazy fucked up funny moments like "testicles"'s piece. so if you're wondering how's a great part of the finnish scene sounds like then don't hesitate to check this one out cos really rocks hard! Keep it up hannu!" Absurd

"A massive collection of experimental Finnish music from the label that brought us the Avarus live cd-r a little while back. Hand decorated, this double cd-r has lots of familiar faces, Uton, Avarus, Ektroverde, Can Can Heads, Kroko but even more unfamiliar ones: Slaughterhouse Quintet, Kilometritehdas, Kvantti, Testicles, Sonic Temple Assassins, Skullpture, Short Eyes, Blubberheads, Du Hex, Plat Ypus, Brasptreet and tons more. The sound is stumbling, abstract free folk clatter, very reminiscent of Jewelled Antler at its folkiest, while sounding a bit like the abstract Acid Mothers Temple space jams at its free-est. A totally gorgeous and a surprisingly consistent listen, espcially for a comp with 46 bands/tracks!" Aquarius

"One of the earliest releases on the scene-defining Finnish freak folk label 267 Lattajjaa was this massive 160 minute state of the union, with a list of contributors that reads like a who's who of this underground scene (albeit with a handful of international contributors as well). Interestingly, for a label largely associated with the freak folk contingent, this compilation ventures rather further outside those boundaries than most of what would subsequently come down the Finnish underground musical pike, with everything from noise to avant synth pop to tape collage shenanigans transpiring here, though the majority of what's at hand still underlines the strange cultural phenomena currently at play in the Finnish underground that's resulted in virtually hundreds of groups suddenly springing to life plying a similar formulation of detuned and lopsided lo-fi communal improvised folk/psych jams; a circumstance that usually engenders either treasures or turkeys but not much in between (well...for me at least) and that balance of inspired amateurism vs resolute wankery is writ large here. Having said that, there's plenty of musical fascination to be found herein; peak contributions for me coming from the known figures like Uton, Avarus, Pylon, Braspyreet, Plat Ypus, and unknown quantities like Ever Had, Rakennustuhkaa, O Samuli A and No Scene." Mutant Sounds

Grey Park
Can Can Heads
O Samuli A
Murha Murha Itsemurha
Baby Sweetcorn

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