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LTJ-10 Uton: Buddhamania


Uton: Buddhamania



1. (7:39)
2. (5:24)
3. (7:16)

Released 25.10.2003, sold out.
More magical droney sounds from the mystical forests of Tampere... Check out the
insert that comes with the record.

NOTE: This has been reissued in 2005 as a part of the Uton 3-cd "Whispers From The Woods" on Last Visible Dog.


"i'm biased here, but uton's a genius & i always love his art, album titles & cryptic noise mud-slides. great forestdrone, shortwave, bowed guitars? i don't know what he uses, but it all sounds mysterious & subconscious, dreamlike." Glenn Donaldson, Jewelled Antler

"Uton is by no means a newcomer to these pages and it's easy to see why after treating my ears with Buddhamania a few times. It's a spiritual, highly transporting drone affair that either will have you thinking about the mystical forests around Tampere, Finland or some far away temple. I connect more closely to the first description but you should probably bear in mind that it's mostly the most frightening part of the forests that Uton has mastered describing." Mats Gustafsson, Broken Face

"Beautiful stuff from Finland's Uton. Transcendental drone-alchemy of the highest order. This miniature masterpiece of bowed guitars, field recordings and primitive electronics conjured up visions of ancient magickal rituals, Kali the Destroyer and a mysterious enveloping white light..." Sea of Shining Shoryobuni

"Oh man, this is one of the very best records in the wide field of experimental music that I've ever heard. I've heard many people praise Uton lately, adn if you ask me, it's all well deserved. Another thing that I've been hearing is the adjective "mystical" being used when describing Uton. I agree with that, too. The first of the three tracks on Buddhamania (ok, I must admit that the record title is not exactly for my taste) has a droning low-end sound and different electronic and other noises and sounds skillfully layered on top of it. Mystical, hypnotic, otherworldly, beautiful, simply amazing (do I sound lame or what?!? Well fuck that, I just love this disc!). The second track is another top-notch exercise in layering sounds (many of them backwards-masked in this case) that turn my stereos into an altar of an ancient god of decadence and hallucinations. If Tivol (see above) made me want a beer, Uton definitely calls for some herbal treatment, although a stoned mind would probably find these sounds too eerie. The last track is more noisy and restless than the first two, and doesn't reach the same spheres, but still remains damn good." Pekka PT, Dilettante's Digest

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