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LTJ-24 The Buried Civilizations: Tunnels to Other Chambers


The Buried Civilizations: Tunnels to Other Chambers The Buried Civilizations: Tunnels to Other Chambers



1. earthen jars (0:17)
2. as cold as the clay (2:44)
3. long since buried (0:14)
4. moss banjo (1:46)
5. eastern alluvial plains (2:19)
6. gallery of ancient birds (3:40)
7. a port in sacred waters (1:42)
8. ostrich eggs (0:58)
9. the long voyage from sea to sea (5:26)
10. people of the land (1:01)
11. the transient lakes (2:13)
12. lily of the hills (2:31)
13. ghosts in the tunnel (4:04)
14. vacation route for emperors (5:12)

Released 24.9.2004, includes an insert, sold out.
The Buried Civilizations are Kerry McLaughlin & Glenn Donaldson with Christina Boepple (tracks 5, 8, 10 & 13) and Rob Reger (track 9).
recorded at true cross & the church basement. mixed/mastered by gd at true cross.

"The Buried Civilizations perform strange Summerian liturgical music, perhaps found in the listening room in the ancient library at Alexandria or in a crumbling turret in Old Germany. Mysterious but semi-structured song-forms emerge from organ, guitar, flute, banjo & vocal explorations."

NOTE: co-released with Jewelled Antler.

Jewelled Antler

Insert for LTJ-24

"Kerry McLaughlin and Glenn Donaldson (Jewelled Antler) play strange liturgical folk music, sometimes in song form and sometimes an elegaic exotic instrumental meander - highly recommended" Boa Melody Bar

"It's been an impressive year for Jewelled Antler kingpin, Glenn Donaldson. After ending 2003 with a great new Thuja album, he picked up where that left off. The Blithe Sons, The Skygreen Leopoards, and The Ivytree all had new albums, all of which are great. Donaldson's falsetto has become like a comfortable old blanket that is always reliable, and often the perfect antidote for whatever is ailing me on any particular day. His project with Kerry McLaughlin builds on the organic aura that he has surrounded himself with in recent years. It's simplistic beauty shimmers in the noon day sun.

Listening to "Tunnels to Other Chambers" is like walking out into the forest as far as your legs will carry you. Once you are completely lost and your body needs to rest, you are surrounded by magnificent trees. There is nothing but evergreens to be seen for miles. The bowed strings of "Gallery of Ancient Birds" hints at these images. Donaldson's quiet vocals are like the giant trees singing to you, letting you know that they'll keep you warm. You are stuck here, but it's a safe place to be. The warmth continues on the next track, "A Port in Sacred Waters." This is the moment you realize you'll never find your way back home, but will live out your days here. Things could be much, much worse.

As with most things related to the Jewelled Antler label, The Buried Civilizations has a distinct organicness to it. "The Long Voyage From Sea to Sea" is like flaoting in this murky world where everything is soft and white. You are surrounded by dense fog, isolated from the city around you. Organ notes rise through the nebulous haze, wrapping you in their arms. You can feel the cold air breathing on the back of your neck on this piece. It's like you are sailing on a majestic ship, free from everything that ails you. This is such a beautiful moment on this album that it's almost too much to take. Donaldson and McLaughlin are in top form here.

I can't help it. I am a sucker for Jewelled Antler related projects. Something about the way they channel the spirit of the earth through their music never fails to move me. And in the past few years, they've never let me down. All the music they're producing is worthwhile, and that's impressive considering the sheer volume of it. The magic of the latest Ivytree disc extends its mossy hand and blesses these proceedings. This CD-R lives up to its name. These recordings feel like they've been stuck under piles of dirt, only recently recovered. Like any lost gem, this deserves a great deal of attention. Take this out into the woods and make an oak tree your home. This is wonderful."
- Brad Rose, Foxy Digitalis

"Another one worth getting in on the hunt for is The Buried Civilizations' "Tunnels to Other Chambers" CD-R. Half of Thuja, with a cpl other lovely souls, weave levitated tone poems of long passed tribal elders in 14 short tracks, all bathed in the translucent glow of primitive mysticism that comes with virtually all Jewelled Antler releases." Womblife

"Allan's D&D sensibilities were most pleased with the name and title of this new Jewelled Antler cd-r! Tunnels To Other Chambers is the debut of a new project from the JA camp, featuring the duo of Kerry McLaughlin (Franciscan Hobbies) and the ubiquitous Glenn Donaldson (FH, Thuja, Skygreen Leopards, The Ivytree, Teenage Panzerkorps, etc.). Guesting on a few tracks you'll also find Rob Reger (Thuja) and Christine Boepple (Skygreen Leopards Skyband). These guys do indeed have a knack for titles to match their evocative folk-psych-improv music. No review is really needed if we cite such track names as "Gallery Of Ancient Birds", "Ghosts In The Tunnel", "Moss Banjo" or "Vacation Route For Emperors". I mean, sounds good already, right? And it does for sure sound good if you're attuned to the sort of spacious, abstract sound-delving these folks do so well. It's wonderfully fragile, sleepy, and melodic. Droning harmonium, bowed strings...electronic detritus...plucked acoustic guitar...simple, ritual percussion...tinkling bells...and occasional frail whispery vocals. It's like listening in to some mellow krautrock being played on an Applachian back porch, or to monkish ceremonies from the lost Plateau of Leng, or perhaps a somnolent subterranean hobbit-hole jamboree. In other words, so nice!! Definitely get this is you like Jewelled Anter stuff like The Birdtree and Hala Strana. Also we could reference Espers, Amon Duul, Tower Recordings, Harvester, Algarnas Tradgard, Siloah..." Aquarius Records

"Oh man, it's about time the CDR vibe of Jewelled Antler came back. It's been WAY too long. I mean, Glenn has still been really busy with new Ivytree and Skygreen Leopards albums (it seems like there were more this year.), and the occasional shows / tours. But the label has been put on the backburner, it seems. Which is too bad, because I really love the Jewelled Antler label / artwork / music / vibe. Anyway, this is totally great, and along the lines of Blithe Sons or Thuja, but more minimal, because there are less people. Flutes, squawks, drums, drones, hums, pling ploing, aaah, bzzzz, whirr and pulse. The woods have gotten their limbs on a four track and are releasing records." 10/10 Dick Baldwin

"267 purkkia liimaa -kokoelmaa kuulostellessani erityisesti TBC alkoi kiinnostamaan. Ja ei aikaakaan kun kokonainen levykin sitten pääsi ilmoille. Täytynee todeta, että kyseessä on henkilökohtaisesti yksi mielenkiintoisimmista 267-Lattajjaa julkaisuista joita olen kuullut. TBC:n takaa löytyvät Kerry McLaughlin ja Glenn Donaldson. Muutamilla kappaleilla on mukana myös vierailijoita. Musiikki on hyvin maanläheistä, taidolla soitettua folk psykedeliaa. Tämä todellakin on kuin hautautuneiden sivilisaatioiden mukana vaipuneiden soittajien välittämä viesti tälle ajalle. Se tulee jostain kaukaa, mutta on läsnä koko ajan. Parhaimmillaan tunnelma on saatu tallennettua niinkin hyvin, että herkistyy välittömästi. Hieno kokonaisuus kansineen kaikkineen." Outa-lehti

"...the kind of wonderfully fragile psych/folk/improv that we've come to expect from every project including San Franciscan Glenn Donaldson. Under the Buried Civilizations moniker he teams up with Kerry McLaughlin (Franciscan Hobbies) for nearly perfect folk mysticism that lands somewhere between Jewelled Antler acts like The Birdtree and The Blithe Sons." Mats Gustafsson, Broken Face

"Contemporary hippie folk. This is nothing special, just another drop in the ocean of current oversupply of this kind of music. There's nice guitar playing (by a guest performer I guess) on one track, but otherwise this is so mediocre that it hurts. The cover picture shows a deformed kitten or something (I think it's either a picture manipulation or maybe a bizarre work of art by a taxidermist which would be cool). If a noise band put that kind of pic on their record cover they'd be called animal abusers and accused of recycling the same overused ideas, but on a hippie album cover it seems to be perfectly ok." Pekka PT, Dilettante's Digest

"This one on the 267 Lattajjaa imprint been mentioned before by Mark and FoxyD, received a copy of it myself this morning and I've got to say that bar The Ivytree Winged leaves album this is one of the best Jewelled Antler projects I've heard to date. 14 quite short tracks of mainly instrumental acoustic folk pieces that sound centuries old, backed with some haunting organ sounds. A bit more in the way of melody compared to something like the Franciscan Hobbies, and there are some occasional very distant vocals from Donaldson that drift in now and again, very mystical and very psychedelic on the whole so this one gets a massive thumbs up from yours truly. Also like the fact that the tracks are quite short and numerous so the ideas aren't laboured and repeated to much, lots to enjoy basically. Some great taxidermy on the back sleeve too, featuring the three eyed two mouthed kitten, very strange indeed." Hidden Door

"Tunnels to Other Chambers is the first full-length from The Buried Civilizations, a new Jewelled Antler off-shoot featuring Donaldson and Kerry McLaughlin. I've often wondered whether these artists were influenced by encounters with ethnomusicological recordings: Tunnels to Other Chambers repeatedly works up raga forms, laying ritual movements out on a bed of mossy drones. At other points, the Buried Civilizations are more theatrical: "People of the Land" is Morricone on Quaaludes, and "Lily of the Hills" sounds like an open-air séance bled to tape during early takes on the Wicker Man film." Jon Dale, Signal To Noise

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