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LTJ-33 Hush Arbors: Cleaning The Bone


Hush Arbors: Cleaning The Bone Hush Arbors: Cleaning The Bone



I. leaves cracking under footsteps
II. hidden bone of old man
III. veins of oak leaves

Length: 20:06

Released in 13.4.2005, folky drone psych.

NOTE: There was also a special limited numbered edition double-pack release with Foxglove featuring also a reissue of the first Hush Arbors 3" 'If There Be Spirits, Let Them Come' packaged in a special handpainted envelopes with two extra inserts. This is edition of 80 and is sold out. More info here.

"One-man folk/psych/drone ensemble Hush Arbors AKA Keith Wood was unquestionably my favorite sonic discovery of 2004, so it's with great pleasure that I announce the arrival of Cleaning the Bone, a brand new 3" CD-R on the Finnish 267 Lattajjaa imprint. It's quite different from his two most recent Digitalis releases since this highly organic, folk-tinged drone affair is allowed to spread out over a little more than twenty minutes. But despite the fact that we get music rather than songs this time out, it's still very much gentle free folk bristling with rare invention and spirit. The beautiful improvisations hold the regenerative powers of the Appalachians; somehow hosting the energy that has been hiding under logs and rocks for decades just waiting for the right man to come along and pick it up."

"This strangely beautiful document takes as much from the rich history of American folk as it does from ancient drones and psychedelic primitivism. But most of all it's an unhurried and slowly unfolding wave of folk/drone bliss that evoke a pastoral atmosphere so strong that it's perfectly suited for inner mind expansion or as the cheapest way to transport you to the most beautiful parts of the Appalachians."

- mats gustafsson

Hush Arbors
Digitalis Industries

"Limited edition package from folk/drone loner Keith Wood who pilots the kind of bells/strings/black hole zone previously navigated by Ben Chasny deep into the wood. A whole throatload of electric and acoustic guitar, tin whistle, shruti box, bells, voice, bowed dulcimer and singing bowl. This set comes in a handpainted mailing envelope (by Hannu Haahti and kids) and bundles Hush Arbor's now tough-to-locate debut, If There Be Spirits, Let Them Come, with the brand new, less song-based Cleaning The Bone. Also includes an insert and liners by Mats Gustafsson of The Broken Face. Limited to only 80 hand-numbered copies. Nice." Volcanic Tongue

"rare double pack edition that comes in a hand-painted sleeve with extra inserts and pairs his newest release 'Cleaning the Bone' with his very first release ('Spirits'): 'Cleaning' is one gorgeous birdsong-festooned piece of sun-speckled guitar playing. 'Spirits' is a much more psychaedelic and fuzzed up folk with a touch of Appalachian style banjo giving way to organic drones of recorder, guitar and wind organ." Boa Melody Bar

"An eagerly awaited new release had been Keith Wood's work as Hush Arbors on 'Cleaning the Bone'. On this short CDr Keith moves away for now from the intimate folk songs of his previous works to record one flowing instrumental piece that goes from exploratory banjo and viola deeper into the forest with intense drones and playful folk flute. Too much music is called 'forest folk' but this is a powerful piece that evokes the depths and unseen thicket of the trees. A sense of not quite belonging there, of the forest being unreachable, even threatening. This walks somehow between folk and the drone-intensity of John Cale era Velvet Underground live." Lord of Misrule, Unbroken Circle

"This two 3" CDR set combines two very different sides of Keith Wood, taken from two very different times. If There Be Spirits, Let Them Come is a reissue of his first recording from July 2003, and Cleaning the Bone is a brand new recording from late 2004. While this set, enclosed in a small hand-painted letter envelope with extra inserts including notes from Mats Gustafsson, was limited to only 80 units and was out of print just from pre-orders (though Eclipse may have a few left), the CDRs are now also available separately from the respective labels.

The more recent recording, Cleaning the Bone, is a slowed-down seance of bowed guitar and a very flute-sounding tin whistle. While Wood's song titles and cover art links the music to the Appalachain forests that surround Wood's home, the music retains a very Eastern folk sound. The complex harmonics of the bowed guitar create a haunting tone and build great tension, sounding not unlike Tibetan bowls. The humming, fluctuating, droning mass of sound gradually builds in size, but it does not burst open with great force. Instead, its shell cracks slightly, letting forth a warm glow from inside in the form a wiggling guitarline epiphany, connecting with the spirit that once lived in the discovered bone from the album's title. As the mass of sound fades away, the song transitions into a much softer, more refined electric guitar meditation for a couple minutes which is completely gorgeous.

The companion piece, If There be Spirits, Let Them Come, is much less abstract and even prettier. It starts slowly, the sun rising up from the horizon, as both Wood and Jeremy Freeze stretch out, playing a bowed dulcimer and enjoying the calls from a few local love birds. After this six minute intro, the song transitions into delicate acoustic guitar picking which carries the rest of the song. The guitars create a gentle sway, the rhythm guitar playing a very gentle back and forth motion as the other adds a lyrical guitarline on top of it, fully intertwining with the other guitar. There's no gimmick, there's no pretense - the duo is perfectly happy just creating a wonderfully peaceful and serene sound. 10/12"
Jim Steed, Fakejazz

"the earth is breathing
cathedral as vibration
this is what I hear"
Lee Jackson, Womblife

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