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LTJ-34 Drunjus: Thick winds off the Sargasso


Drunjus: Thick winds off the Sargasso Drunjus: Thick winds off the Sargasso



1. thick winds off the sargasso (version) (21:04)

Released 20.6.2005, psychedelic drone.
"Thick winds off the Sargasso" is a phase from the epic Drunjus 2xcdr (
foxglove). This 3" features a live excerpt from the source material that birthed the album version. The sounds are a meditative blur of buzz tone and the seething outdoors by Woodman, Clay Ruby and Endless.

"thick winds... is a source version of a track from Drunjus self titled 2xCDR on Foxglove. It is a piece of heavy winds, bird calls and dense forest activity just covering up the subtle drone poem within."

23 Productions

"It's great to finally see Drunjus return with some new recordings. This duo (mainly) consists of Clay Ruby and Dan Woodman from the 23 Productions/Davenport gang. Drunjus delve into the world of thick, insular drones, but avoid heading into stark and glacial tones. In fact, on their debut and even more-so on this new 3", they utilize the sounds of nature to great effect. On this 21 minute piece, the sounds of cicadas chirping and wind blowing exists just under the surface, enough to add a truly earthy feel to the proceedings. With dense hums and slowly unfolding dronescapes, Drunjus create a world within the aural boundaries of the song. They seek to completely envelope the listener in this world. It is an attempt to make you forget where you are. And in the end, it's successful. I am reminded of the hottest, most humid days of the Oklahoma summer. This music is like the air on those days: so thick you feel as though you're swimming through it, gasping for breath. "Thick Winds of the Sargasso" is dense in the same way. Once it's all around you, you can barely move. It's impressive and beautiful. Thank god Drunjus has returned. 8/10" Brad Rose, Foxy Digitalis

"Dan Woodman and Clay Ruby of Davenport / 23 Productions amplify the hum of the outdoors to an intense buzz" Boa Melody Bar

"The Davenport family of bands is always guaranteed to take into the extremities of music. However Drunjus the drone music offshoot of Clay Ruby and Dan Woodman is far more entrancing and almost ambient than I expected. There is a double CD on Foxglove recently issued which contains a shorter studio version of the music on this disc. The Cdr here was released in June 2005 and is called "Thick Winds Off the Sargasso" which is a live, twenty minute or so piece that has wind, waves and insects echoing in the distance and gently buzzing notes whirring above which build over time in intensity. It's rather lovely really in its own way and as close to early Michael Stearns or Jonathan Cole Lough's "Cake" as it is to Davenport themselves. It's got a very still feeling as though heat haze is shimmering in front of the speakers. The piece is a kind of self-enclosed musical landscape, you feel as though you are at this place with the insects all around. After a while I almost didn't notice it was on which is a good thing, the air merged with the music and the room changed for the duration of the mini-CD. That's not to say it's dull, it just flows consistently until it becomes part of the sound all around you. This is a very interesting direction for the Davenport family and amongst the very best of its type." The Unbroken Circle

"Natural sounds 'n' white noise colliding with glitches 'n' a couple of powerful electronic passages. Sounds like cars are driving by as birds chirp, then heavy echoing sounds are heard. Live manipulation of environment via effects? Probably, but it's unclear what precisely is going on other than Drunjus creating an atmosphere 'n' throwing you in it for 20 minutes. Mysterious, noisy, a good little 3" CD-R." SellMeAGod

"intense earthy drones from Dan Woodman and Clay Ruby of Davenport / 23 Productions building from the amplified hum of the outdoors to a searing visceral scraping and howling - excellent" Boa Melody Bar

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