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LTJ-78 Night Shift

5 EUROS / $8

Night Shift Night Shift



1. du (6:12)
2. glon (3:22)
3. ongum (6:46)
4. bab (6:54)

"Self-proclaimed punk-ambient from Russia, recorded as trio in 2006-2007. Moscow-Yaroslavl". Released 12.1.2009.

Night Shift

"From Moscow and Yaroslavl (two places quite apart) comes a trio called Nighshift, who are "Self-proclaimed punk-ambient" as it says on the website of 267 Lattajjaa. Four tracks of ambience that much is sure, and why not: played with the attitude of a punk band. They sound very much present and alive, say the punk element of this, which is pretty much due to the nature of the recording I guess, and on other hand they create some highly atmospheric music, with the use of field recordings and electronics. The four tracks have exactly the right length to be entertaining and surprising and the only thing about this release that let me a bit down is the fact that's pretty short. Four track, totaling twenty minutes, whereas I could have easily liked another three pieces, another fifteen minutes, and see what else the have under their hat. But this is a fine start." FdW, Vital Weekly

"Russians are like that - spooky bastards with a knack for soul-forbidding punishment but handy at destruction. Punks, to put it mildly. Alt-Shift-Ctrl-Delete, and yes, Delete most of the time. God, what did we do there? Like an animal collective of superdrones we poured desolate stillness of steel all over the horizon. Thank God, my family doesn't hear this EP.

In the beginning you are welcomed into the swampy, clattering - how's it called - metal plate? Not unlike Pirhan Gregson's early stuff, a tragic ambivalent "beyond death and impoverishment" vibe sucking you heavily into the place changing colors all into gray and right down pessimistic (phew!) under your supposedly healthy anti-Kremlinesque breath. And that's just the beginning - holy frogs rolling lonesome in the name of compositional potention (potence? Potentity?). 'glon' is something Kallar Jurchen could put out while not so buried under her fruit-woman radio-debris legacy. It's a berserk radio, holding its head in "Oshi!" gesture, while demons dug their nails into the living shroud, accelerating Billy Idol style and then giving up their strapons for something vocodery and limp.

Then the plum-boom Chairman visits with his 60 or more millions dead, beaten, eaten, raped, humiliated or at the very least robbed of the gold. I tell you, this is heavy stuff - yeah, condensed into an EP, but you see the blood samples of Ivan the Terrorist, Pee-Terza Grate, Style-In, and all those evil black oil river suckers showing signs of unimaginable royal highness. As always the Church kicks in with the claims of soul freedom just before the bubble of glass shatters into the realization of imminent stupidity. The most scary track, almost Lago Maggiore-ish in its insisting decay of a rotten mountain overpass, is also the last. And indeed, while I (how could I forget about myself?) was wearing the army uniform, we had this secret frequency room, full of dried out, no-news traitors, making sound shifts to burden young people with addiction. So I never ask the girls my age, hollowed and eviscerated in the same mid-70s manner as I was, about those unpleasant, thin and buldging scars on their wrists. I know it's different from Emo. This is the real shit. That's when we fuck, we fuck for the death of it. ****/*****"
Tibul, Rate Your Music

"Hailing from Moscow and Yaroslavl, Nighshift is a so-called "punk-ambient" trio. The label "punk-ambient" is not a word that is thrown around often but don't let it fool you, it's not far off from ambient industrial music. The term could make sense in their case though; it definitely has an ambient feel and flow to it but sped up and more energetic than standard ambient music.

The name Nighshift definitely seems fitting for the band. The whole record sounds like it could have been recorded late into the night in some creepy, empty warehouse where you can hear the hum of outside happenings, someone in a distant room switching between radio stations, and broken keyboards moaning in a stairwell. The four tracks of this short EP are all of the same vibe but somehow seem to sound completely different from each other. The flow from track to track keeps you listening and before you know it the record is over. Nightshift's "EP" is a nice introduction to the group and will keep you wondering what's next. 7/10"
Jon Lorenz, Foxy Digitalis

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