267 lattajjaa catalogue

267 lattajjaa releases:

LTJ-123 - Semmosta - tribute to kurkku sour DIGI VERSION AVAILABLE
LTJ-122 - Huumesilmät - superdisco freakout party music all day night long DIGI VERSION AVAILABLE
LTJ-121 - Re-Clip - hypnotic electronica DIGI VERSION AVAILABLE
LTJ-120 - Ras Tas - Alternative avantgarde-pop-folk-IDM-punk DIGI VERSION AVAILABLE
LTJ-119 - Greippi - TBA
LTJ-118 - Huumesilmät - new psychokinetic super-electro masterpiece from finland DIGI VERSION AVAILABLE
LTJ-117 - Adam Cadell - bedroom dissident violin DIGI VERSION AVAILABLE
LTJ-116 - The Devil Man - psychedelic cassette compilation AVAILABLE
LTJ-115 - Andrew Cosentino - atmospheric electronic folk DIGI VERSION AVAILABLE
LTJ-114 - The Rrreverberationsss - texas psych DIGI VERSION AVAILABLE
LTJ-113 - Lotus Taj - psychedelic ambient prog DIGI VERSION AVAILABLE
LTJ-112 - Tim Newman - psychedelic drone ambient SOLD OUT
LTJ-111 - The Other Side of Sarfsalö - psychedelic compilation DIGI VERSION AVAILABLE
LTJ-109 - Ville A.E. - experimental noise folk DIGI VERSION AVAILABLE
LTJ-108 - ÖÖÖÖÖ - multimusic for multitask brains AVAILABLE
LTJ-107 - The Rrreverberationsss - dark psych from the heart of texas SOLD OUT
LTJ-106 - Paanpa & Bearly Queen - experimental pop opera SOLD OUT
LTJ-105 - Ville A.E. - psychedelic folk DIGI VERSION AVAILABLE
LTJ-104 - Grey Park - psychedelic drone experiments DIGI VERSION AVAILABLE
LTJ-103 - Vlubä - experimental drone-psych from argentina SOLD OUT
LTJ-102 - Pupil Wah - heavily effected psychic jamboree! DIGI VERSION AVAILABLE
LTJ-101 - Greippi - experimental electronica SOLD OUT
LTJ-100 - Siikahan Se Siellä - the ultimate forest folk freakout party album DIGI VERSION AVAILABLE
LTJ-99 - Boris Morgana / Tanec Hrac - split-tape of heavy free rock & hypno trash boogie SOLD OUT
LTJ-98 - Keijo - hypnagogic blues SOLD OUT
LTJ-97 - Kheta Hotem - komutian ritual psych SOLD OUT
LTJ-96 - The Rrreverberationsss - heavy psychedelic underground jams SOLD OUT
LTJ-95 - Scarduff Sixpäck - lamatronik'n'roll SOLD OUT, DIGI VERSION AVAILABLE
LTJ-94 - Meisselschieber - experimental skwonk SOLD OUT
LTJ-93 - Wuolio & Puronaho - drone & folk SOLD OUT, DIGI VERSION AVAILABLE
LTJ-92 - Greippi - delayed electronica SOLD OUT
LTJ-91 - TBX - experimental psychedelic rock SOLD OUT
LTJ-90 - Greippi - "fishy electronica" DIGI VERSION AVAILABLE
LTJ-89 - Kenji Siratori - experimental cyber ambient SOLD OUT
LTJ-88 - KDRT - electronic "gkiece slwteh uidm" SOLD OUT
LTJ-87 - Keijo - more damaged blues SOLD OUT
LTJ-86 - Harps Of Fuchsia Kalmia - subversive psych strumming SOLD OUT
LTJ-85 - Ous Mal - dusty folk songs SOLD OUT, DIGI VERSION AVAILABLE
LTJ-84 - Noone/Hellén - mellow strumming behind the wall of hiss SOLD OUT
LTJ-83 - Ester Poland / Kospel Zeithorn - psychedelic split attack! DIGI VERSIONS AVAILABLE
LTJ-82 - Keijo - damaged folk blues DIGI VERSION AVAILABLE
LTJ-81 - Kheta Hotem - shamanistic komutian live jam SOLD OUT
LTJ-80 - JS666 - the experimental art of mash-ups DIGI VERSION AVAILABLE
LTJ-79 - The Pistil Cosmos - psychedelic drone rituals SOLD OUT
LTJ-78 - Night Shift - astonishing "punk-ambient" from russia SOLD OUT
LTJ-77 - Lörsson - lo-fi cult racket SOLD OUT
LTJ-76 - Grey Park - amazing new record from the experimental drone masters DIGI VERSION AVAILABLE
LTJ-75 - TBX - atmospheric space rock SOLD OUT
LTJ-74 - Luminous - experimental psych jams SOLD OUT
LTJ-73 - Amigo Result - psychedelic collage for Mimosa of material anno 2005-2006 SOLD OUT
LTJ-72 - Enfer Boreal - droney improvisations SOLD OUT
LTJ-71 - Kenji Siratori - japanese cybernoise SOLD OUT
LTJ-70 - Przewalski's horses - psychedelic improvisations SOLD OUT
LTJ-69 - Lryeas - atmospheric bruising SOLD OUT
LTJ-68 - TBX / This 1 Will Be The Runner - psychrock & electronics SOLD OUT
LTJ-67 - Kenji Siratori - death ambient noise SOLD OUT
LTJ-66 - Vapaa - unreleased material from 2003 - 2007 SOLD OUT
LTJ-65 - Greippi - colourful electronika DIGI VERSION AVAILABLE
LTJ-64 - Boris Morgana - experimental drone psych SOLD OUT
LTJ-63 - Almaden - starry cowboy acid folk SOLD OUT
LTJ-62 - Katsoin kauas ja sydämeni oli kaukana - compilation, music for a rainy summer SOLD OUT
LTJ-61 - TBX - psychedelic space rock SOLD OUT
LTJ-60 - Selvä Pyy & Pyy Pivossa - psych pop freakout SOLD OUT
LTJ-59 - Rokkiryhmä - lo-fi pop-folk SOLD OUT
LTJ-58 - Grey Park - afrobeat, drone and un-space spacerock for agents SOLD OUT, DIGI VERSION AVAILABLE
LTJ-57 - The Grand Hotel - ritualistic psychfolk drone SOLD OUT, DIGI VERSION AVAILABLE
LTJ-56 - Ghosts Br\E2mes of the Cerf - experimental french sounds SOLD OUT
LTJ-55 - Leafy Green - ten wonderful folk songs from american summer SOLD OUT
LTJ-54 - Chora - psychedelic drones DIGI VERSION AVAILABLE
LTJ-53 - Loachfillet - psychedelic noise SOLD OUT
LTJ-F267 - Love Missile F2-67 - crazy sigue sigue sputnik tribute SOLD OUT
LTJ-52 - Lamppukello - crazy noisy electronica SOLD OUT
LTJ-51 - Ressu - naïve paralysing melodies SOLD OUT
LTJ-50 - Ville A.E. Suopajärven Puiset Heilat - lapland psychedelic folk SOLD OUT
LTJ-49 - Czolgozs - hazy supernatural tape junk SOLD OUT
LTJ-48 - Aineettomaksi Temperamentin - improvised guitar/drums noise SOLD OUT
LTJ-47 - Greippi - the new generation of finnish electronica SOLD OUT
LTJ-46 - Birds of Delay / Goldblood - psych split SOLD OUT
LTJ-45 - Grey Park - more buzzing drones and experimental sounds SOLD OUT, DIGI VERSION AVAILABLE
LTJ-44 - Ihmettelenpä sanoi Kampela jos Lahana on pliisu - another wonderful psychedelic comp SOLD OUT, DIGI VERSION AVAILABLE
LTJ-43 - Kanoja, Myös Hanoja - wonderful new psychedelic compilation SOLD OUT, DIGI VERSION AVAILABLE
LTJ-XMAS - LTJ-XMAS - the christmas compilation, this was given free with all orders during december 2005 EXPANDED DIGI VERSION AVAILABLE
LTJ-42 - Vapaa - new 21-minute piece featuring Keijo SOLD OUT
LTJ-41 - The North Sea & Rameses III - ambient collaboration SOLD OUT
LTJ-40 - Robert Horton - free jazz haunted drone DIGI VERSION AVAILABLE
LTJ-39 - Zelienople - opium den pop SOLD OUT
LTJ-38 - Terracid - australian "forest folk" SOLD OUT
LTJ-37 - The Futurians - lo-fi space punk SOLD OUT, DIGI VERSION AVAILABLE
LTJ-36 - Ben Reynolds - "sonic love screams" DIGI VERSION AVAILABLE
LTJ-35 - Ville Moskiitto - free-association drone SOLD OUT
LTJ-34 - Drunjus - psychedelic drone SOLD OUT
LTJ-33 - Hush Arbors - folkdrone psych SOLD OUT
LTJ-32 - The North Sea - organic psych SOLD OUT
LTJ-31 - Uton - dreamy forest folk-drone psychedelia SOLD OUT
LTJ-30 - The Skaters - muddpsych SOLD OUT
LTJ-29 - Kekkonen - the ultimate party album! SOLD OUT, DIGI VERSION AVAILABLE
LTJ-28 - Skullpture - dark improv SOLD OUT
LTJ-27 - Vapaa - forest folk SOLD OUT
LTJ-26 - The Wooden Cupboard - ritualistic psychedelia SOLD OUT
LTJ-25 - Anla Courtis - droney psychedelia SOLD OUT
LTJ-24 - The Buried Civilizations - folky psychedelia SOLD OUT
LTJ-23 - Davenport - psychedelic dronefest SOLD OUT
LTJ-22 - Kulkija - damaged forest folk SOLD OUT
LTJ-21 - Keijo - ambient psych SOLD OUT, DIGI VERSION AVAILABLE
LTJ-20 - Agnosia - drunken live noise gig from a small performance festival SOLD OUT
LTJ-19 - Sonic Temple Assassins - "short circuit training" SOLD OUT
LTJ-18 - 267 Purkkia Liimaa - A 267 lattajjaa sampler featuring old and new tracks SOLD OUT, DIGI VERSION AVAILABLE
LTJ-17 - Di Maissintähkä - limited C-60 and 3" from the legendary old lo-fi band UNRELEASED
LTJ-16 - Vapaa - free and ambient improv SOLD OUT
LTJ-15 - Clay Figure - Industrial "Folk" cover versions SOLD OUT
LTJ-14 - Pekko Käppi - Archaic folk music played with Jouhikko (the horsehair lyre) SOLD OUT, DIGI VERSION AVAILABLE
LTJ-13 - Pylon - DIY-psychedelia SOLD OUT
LTJ-12 - Braspyreet - psychfolkjazzimprov... SOLD OUT
LTJ-11 - Rauhan Orkesteri - Organic & barefooted free jazz. SOLD OUT
LTJ-10 - Uton - Warm droney sounds from the mystical forests of Tampere. SOLD OUT
LTJ-09 - Grey Park - From Psych-Folky guitar strumming to weird electronics. SOLD OUT, DIGI VERSION AVAILABLE
LTJ-08 - Tivol - Loud & psychedelic spacekraut. SOLD OUT
LTJ-07 - Aïr - Droney guitar psych, the early years compilation. UNRELEASED
LTJ-05/06 - Tididii Tididii Tididiididii - Double-cdr compilation of finnish psych underground... SOLD OUT, DIGI VERSION AVAILABLE
LTJ-03/04 - Lörsson / Plat Ypus - Some weird noise from Lörsson and Plat Ypus goes (almost) techno. SOLD OUT
LTJ-03 - Lörsson - Some weird noise SOLD OUT
LTJ-02 - Avarus - A - V - P, the legendary psych masterpiece... SOLD OUT
LTJ-01 - OOOOOps-Cokish - Compilation of finnish underground music... SOLD OUT, DIGI VERSION AVAILABLE

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