80 meter straight dipole impedance versus height and ground properties. Data is taken from EZNEC+ simulations.

- Poor ground is typically a dry sandy and rocky area
(0.002 S/m Dielectric 10)
- Medium ground is typically a pastoral heavy clay (0.007 S/m Dielectric 15)
- Good ground is typically wide area deep wet clay (0.030 S/m Dielectric 20)

- The impedance is the radiation resistance (real part R) in the resonance frequency where the reactance X is zero
- The
radiation resistance can't be tuned by adjusting the length of the dipole wires
- The impedance is depending on the height and on the ground properties
- Inverted-V will lower the impedance depending on the slope of the wires
- The graphs are turning up in low heights which represent ground losses with poorer ground

2020-10-05 OH7SV

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