Square Dipole for 160 meter

This is Square Dipole might be a good option if your space is not big enough for a full size half wave 160m dipole. It is almost as good as a full size dipole, the gain is only abt 3dB less (half S-unit). You can install it at a height from 10m to 20m or even lower. It is not the best DX antenna but it is very useful for local 160m QSOs. The construction is not critical, you can adapt the shape according to your space.

Square Dipole top view. It looks like a horizontal loop but it is not a loop because the wire ends are insulated.
Note. The RF voltage between the wire ends
is very high - make the insulator long enough, 10cm or more.

The total nominal length is 80.8m. The length is a bit shorter with a plastic covered wire. The length is also depending on the height and the ground properties. Allow fine tuning by starting with abt 1-2 meter longer wire and fine tune it to the best SWR by folding back the wires in the insulator ends.

3D radiation pattern is good for NVIS QSOs

The feeding point impedance is somewhat lower than 50 ohms depending on the height of the antenna. Thus the SWR is reasonable without an antenna tuner.

And don't forget a common mode balun in the feeding point! See more here

Update 2020-07-16

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