Useful script for AFEDRI SDR Net users

AFEDRI SDR Network Control Box supports only a IP number. That's fine if you are using AFEDRI in a LAN with a fixed IP number. But if you are using AFEDRI over internet with a public dynamic IP number you must manually retrieve and enter the IP number to the Control Box or to the sdr_config.ini file. To avoid the annoying dynamic IP number changing you can use the following script to overcome the issue.

Here is a nice Windows batch file which will make your "life easier". The batch file is running a Python script which will retrieve the IP number of your remote station domain name. Then the Python script writes the IP number to the sdr_config.ini file. After that the batch file will run HDSDR program. Voilà! This way you don't need to enter an IP number and your HDSDR will directly connect to your AFEDRI SDR over internet.

Here are the instructions

1. Download and install Python interpreter

2. Download file. Extract the two files
to the HDSDR program folder typically C:\Program Files (x86)\HDSDR

3. Edit the
hdsdr_batch.bat file with your own domain name. Use eg Notepad. See below, domain name in red color.
@echo off
start "" "HDSDR"
4. Run the hdsdr_batch.bat file by double clicking. It is also convenient to make a shortcut of the batch file to desktop.

Note1. If you enter to some problems check the security setting of the program folder to allow edit rights for the script file.
Note2. You can make more than one batch file with different file and domain 
names to access different locations.
Note3. The batch file accepts also an IP number for local LAN use if your router doesn't support domain name fold back feature.

Many thanks to
John OH2GBA who made the script and allowed to publish it!

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